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  1. I was recently fighting this issue with a buddy and we found that the TV linkage was not set correctly. To check if yours is correct get under the truck and have someone put there foot to the floor on the skinny pedal. If it doesn't bottom out the TV linkage at WOT then it needs to be adjusted. To adjust it there is a white clip on the APS sensor end that will allow the cable to be adjusted in or out. Basically the setting should bearly bottom out or almost bottom out the TV cable. When you go to pull the clip off the cable make sure the person tremoves the skinny oedal from the floorboard first.
  2. dave has this one correct. I just did the "T" and all three gromits in my truck. The gromits are $11 from Dodge.
  3. mulcher812

    Head retorque after rebuild break in

    With just using head bolts I agree with Tfaro I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. mulcher812

    Head retorque after rebuild break in

    Did you use head bolts or head studs? Either would be fine to go in and at least check all of them. If you used ARP head studs they say you do not need to retorque them but I did mine at about 3k just to make sure.
  5. mulcher812

    Older edge 141075

    I am in the same boat with Nick any pics of the unit or connections would help out a bunch.
  6. Ok ok.... I did it. No not really but that does suck. I'll look in the shop tomorrow and see if I still have a compressor wheel for an hx35. If I can find it I'll pm you.
  7. mulcher812

    Performance Tuners

    Them dam TDI VW's are to beat on fuel milage....
  8. mulcher812

    Performance Tuners

    Them dam TDI VW's are to beat on fuel milage....
  9. mulcher812

    Performance Tuners

    I agree with Mike my Edge comp by itself is a great chip. I also run the Smarty and it's a great programmer. They are very different and perform very differently on my truck. When I was running the Smarty on my stock setup it was pretty amazing and with your emissions standards that may be the better way to go for you.
  10. mulcher812

    Teardown and Rebuild

    That's a coolant bye pass that goes on the backside of the block. I thought that was only an issue with the 3rd gen trucks...
  11. mulcher812

    HE351 Turbo

    Yeah it was easy to keep the EGT's in check just make sure your not in overdrive and control the skinny pedal. I just read your sig and noticed that you have an Aurora 3K are you looking at replacing it? As for setting when towing Smarty = lvl 6 Edge Comp = 4x3 or 5x1
  12. mulcher812

    HE351 Turbo

    I ran mine for about 2yrs before starting the upgrade process to break the 500hp mark. My truck with 75hp sticks edge comp and Smarty made 470hp 1030tq with the HE351. It's a great turbo if you want more power with out breading the bank.
  13. mulcher812

    Teardown and Rebuild

    Well I got the pump hot wired and still had the same miss. So it just so happens that Pacific fuel injection (Mid-West Diesel) here in Portland has VP's on the shelf for $1050 exchanged. While I was at it I ordered a set of DDP 125's .
  14. mulcher812

    Teardown and Rebuild

    Ok so i have to ask what did you use to record the way your truck sounded before the teardown? I have an issue with a miss and originally thought that it was an ECM issue but after playing around with a DRBIII I dought its an ECM issue. So it's either injectors or VP...