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  1. I did the sport conversion with OEM units and the harness conversion.... forgot where I got it from Genos or dan sterling.... well I love the output and I'm happy with it ... but I think Id be happier with doing the HID Projector retrofit with Morimito mini H1 bulbs..... I think that is what you are looking for... I should have read previous replies , I guess you already considered the morimotos... my next guess was in fact some light force driving lights to kick on and off on those dark windy roads..
  2. no havent jumped any cars... i made it home ok, I stopped by oreilys and picked up a 140 amp fuse. threw it on and it seems like it shorted as soon as i installed it. made it home on just battery power. tommorow im going to buy another fuse, but before i sacrifice another fuse is there anything i can disconnect before installing it, like maybe the alternator ? like you said maybe the rectifier. alternator is rebuilt by a local shop i wont rule out a bad alternator just yet.
  3. Well I guess I found my problem. Pulled the cap off the alternator fuse and it is blown. That's really odd...
  4. Pcm was a thought crossed my mind. Fuses I gonna check that out in a few .. I post back. All Fuses look good except I cannot get the 140 amp alternator fuse out to check (1position in hood fuse box)
  5. thnx CSM... Batteries are brand new, cables just recently PMed.. transmission wasn't messed with at all.. I'm wondering if the voltage stopped charging is part of a limp mode or something to do with out of whack trans shifting. Also need to know where I can get a new clip for TV ..ASAP Also... when I shut truck off I turned ignition back (engine off) on and volts were back up to 11 ... started the motor and volts stayed at 11, not charging at 14 like normal.
  6. Allright guys. Just as I was getting happy with my truck and trans... I decided to fine tune the TV cable. The last time I messed with the cable I got better results than trans shops. At home I wanted to adjust the tv cable and broke off the clip .. also managed to lose the clip no were to be found. I jerry rigged the cable to get to work. Shifted a little ugly but I expected this. Then my check gauges came on and my voltage dropped to 10 volts. Then down to 0. Made it work fine.. Checked the codes : P1682, 0622, 0743, 1765 ECU P1693 I know they are tranny code
  7. I bought me a new filter from AFE. Still going to install the filter minder ... but gave me piece of mind I can rule out the filter for some performance issues I've had lately.
  8. well replaced the alternator. and seems to be alot better. but i need a for sure fix to this, im maxed out on the Fun meter with this issue. also replaced the air filter . Can someone tell me the symptoms of bad governor pressure switch and sensor? i feel like my torque converter locks good sometimes and sometimes it does not lock fully. i know its working i can see rpms not drop fast when i let off the gas sometimes it has good power and sometimes im embarassed to pass i feel like im smoking everyone out and not going far. when the overdrive kicks in i used to feel some
  9. Sorry for late response... my switch is still in. And seemed to work only sometimes. Yesterday I unplugged the alternator wire and drive and now everything Eems to work sweeeeet.... for the time I drove with it disconnected. I'm on my way to get another alternator. Tired of dealing with this. I going to have the alternator shop test it and test their own as well
  10. I agree on the filter minder.. would be a good addition. Although I can say I had one on a powerstroke a while back and I never seen the device show any type of restriction maybe I just kept a good filter the whole time ... I'm going to dish out for another filter just to rule it out and have oiece of mind. ... thanks guys
  11. Ok guys I been known to ask some Jerry Seinfeld questions ..... but I just need to know for sure... My filter has been on the truck atleast 60k miles. I've washed it the proper way... I don't normally put air pressure to it... but I decided to just to feel how much air I would feel passing through the filter.... I pushed some air from the inside out and could hardly feel any air going thru the other side ... I been having trouble getting above 25lbs of boost lately ... and I want to rule out the air filter .. .. any input on this is greatly appreciated
  12. Going to go thru all the grounds when I get home this weekend. ... definitely gonna check out the alternator.... any suggestions on where to get an alternator that has been tested already for noise interference? ?
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