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  1. I suppose I could do that whenever I replace my VP and reseal the vacuum pump. Does that eliminate the front cover breather then?
  2. I haven't done it and I'm not going to. I just extended it down to the sway bar with some heater hose. It's been that way for 5 years and the hose is still holding up like it's new. It's never frozen up and I haven't ever had an oil loss either. I just don't like the look of PVC running across my engine.
  3. I just clamped the hose going to the wastegate on my HX35. The most it will do is 35psi.
  4. I tried it a few times in the past and it isn't any easier than using the clutch on my truck. I don't do that anymore because its hard on the synchros and parts for the 5600 aren't as plentiful as they are for the 4500. I was always taught if the transmission has synchros, then use the clutch.
  5. Mine never leaked after I put my clutch in. I just made sure I sealed up the shift tower with some gray Permatex.Sent from my iPhone in the cab of a Caterpillar
  6. Thanks for posting that! I just put the tow mirrors on my truck last spring and they do shake and vibrate a lot.Sent from my iPhone in the cab of a Caterpillar
  7. I'm not sure I guess I've always driven around with the Edge Comp on 3x5. Are you talking about the economy display or are you hand calculating it? If you're talking about the economy display, you can't rely on those. They are almost always off.
  8. Mine is 17psi at idle, and 15 at WOT with the Edge on 5x5. That's with a Fass 150HD and the stock fuel basket
  9. I bought my gauges from Jegs just because they have a huge selection of Autometer gauges and they have super fast shipping. I would just go to Jegs.com and look through their Autometer gauges. I bought the Autometer Ultra-Lite electric 30psi fuel pressure gauge. 2 5/16"
  10. You're probably right. I think it's one of those you get what you pay for kind of deals too. I figure since I haven't had any problems with it, I'll just continue running it this way until it dies and then I'll buy a snubber with a new sender.
  11. Here's a couple of my cummins. I bought it 5 years ago from my grandpa when I turned 16 with 22,500 miles on it
  12. My last one was 16.8 with a lot of warm ups. I usually get around 17-17.5 ever since my VP was damaged from 2 factory lift pumps going out 4 years ago. Before that I used to get 20-22 mpg
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