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  1. I am working with my local stereo shop to map out installing a complete stereo system. Back in the day I was really big into car stereo systems. At one point right after high school my Toyota Celica (Early 1990's) had 8 12in sub, a pair of Orion HCCA amps, Zapco 18 band eq, etc....Needless to say it would rock and produce some db's..I think it measured 143db.Anyway, we already installed a pair of new 6x9's in the front doors...What a difference a quality speaker makes. I used the PR series from Memphis Car Audio. This coming week we will complete the speaker upgrade with some 6in in the quad d
  2. Vulcan Performance...Filter is like 39.00 and Outwear is another 29.00
  3. Believe it or not I still have the OEM's in my 2001. I was thinking I may add new batteries sometime on 2010.How much did Wally World hit ya for?
  4. Any predictions? Since I am huge UT fan of course I believe Bevo & company will take care of the Tide.HOOK-EM HORNS!
  5. Looking forward to your write up. Those original lower ball joints were tough to get out even with the air hammer, etc...My truck feels like new again...New tires, ball joints, aligned...Yippee.
  6. Exactly-the panhandle does get the worst of it. I am in DFW so we rarely see blizzard type conditions.
  7. Easiest fix is to move South---Like Texas..We dont have those cold awful winter storms like you guys up North. It does get cold but doesn't stay that away to long.Hook-Em Horns
  8. What has everyone used to place over the studs under the BHAF to keep it from damaging it?
  9. I had the same issue not to long ago. After a phone call to Mopar Man he suggested I check the connector tube o-ring seals. Sure enough a couple of them were dry rotted, cut, etc....replaced them all and been perfect everytime. Worth a look!
  10. Well I ended up getting Firestone Transforce HT 265/75/16. So far so good after about 500 miles. A buddy of mine who owns a repair facility ordered them for me at 115.00 turn-key. I also found out while doing the tires I needed lower ball joints so we did those as well. I read somewhere that people were having problems with the Moog brand. Is this true? I elected to go with the Oreilly house brand which were less than half of the Moog. I hope they last. I hated doing that job...
  11. Lets hear your ideas? Injectors (RV275), Edge Ez, Powerpuck, Smarty, Quad, Etc...Just looking for a little extra for towing. I will be adding a 4in exhaust before end of year.
  12. The most important thing to do now is get some guages on your truck so you can monitor more closely especially fuel pressure. The dead pedal feeling usually is a sign of VP44 failure. Lets hope not. What lift pump do you have on th truck? Good luck and be sure to check out all the Mopar Man's readings. Some good stuff..
  13. Its time to fit the ride with some new tread so I thought I would get some input. Currently running 265/75/16 (stock). I know for certain I want a highway tread type tire. Some questions:1. Should I go back with stock size?2. What is the biggest size I can fit on the stock rim?3. Will I need a leveling kit with a bigger size? 4. Brands to consider? Anyone run the Chinese brand BCT?5. How much does a bigger size impact the speedo?
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