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  2. Hi guys my brakes are finally on their way out. I would like to re-do them with high quality parts. I am having issues with caliper pistons not returning so i am looking at replacing all four calipers, pads and disks. Does anyone have recomendations on brands or products?
  3. sorry to take us a little of topic. its related though; what does everyone use for supporting the bhaf outlet so that it doesnt collapse when you tighten the turbo inlet clamp?
  4. i am running primewell valera H/T and they are wearing in great. They are extremely affordable and you cant beat tiresplus' lifetime balance and rotate(free)
  5. finally had time to get the injectors in over the weekend. So far install went great and initial test drive went good. The added zip is a little fun, wasn't expecting to feel much of a difference but its there! As for fuel mileage I will have to go through a couple tanks and see what happens! I think as well I will be trying to seek my old injectors if anyone knows. A place that would want them let me know!
  6. http://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/p-7531-budget-rv275-24-valve-cummins-fuel-injector.aspx if no one has seen this yet I wanted to let everyone know that dieselpowerproducts.com is offering a cheaper version of bosch's RV275 injectors. They say it offers all the same benefits as bosch's product. Right now they are running a sale and are only 49.99 a piece and free shipping on orders over 100.00. So if you have been looking to get these injectors but are on a budget check out this alternative product. I just ordered mine the other day, I will let you know how I like them.
  7. Hey guys does anyone know where to get a good deal on a tractor. I am from the milwaukee area in WI and am willing to travel anywhere as long as i can get there and back in a weekend. I am looking for a tractor about 25 to 30 hp with a loader.
  8. thanks for all the suggestiongs guys! i ended up getting rancho rs5000's all the way around. i got a good deal at rockauto along with a mail in rebate through rancho. i put them in over the weekend and i am very pleased.
  9. Great thanks for doing that research for me i agree that should work!
  10. Thanks for the tip! i called and had them look up a longer shock for me, unfourtunatly they dont have any that fit the bill. Thanks again though!
  11. i deffinitely like the price of the gas magnums but my concern is that it will be over extended with the leveling kit installed.
  12. Hi everybody, it has been a while since my lasts post. i am looking at getting new shocks for my truck but i am having a hard time determining what equipment will fit my truck. i believe from what i have found is that i have a leveling kit in the front and stock supsension in the back. My question is to any of you that also have a leveling kit in the front. what shocks do you run? any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Cool website for all you hunters to check out! www.biggamelogic.com i use it to track deer activity on the land i hunt! also connects you with other people into hunting! check it out.
  14. so i spose the only way to diagnose which one is causing the problem is to lower the tranny?
  15. No for me it makes no difference letting the clutch out. its almost like im not pushing the clutch in at all in the first place.
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