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  1. Good Evening All, Any suggestions as to who sells OEM style connectors, both male and female? I am searching the internet now and was wondering if anyone has already found a good supplier. Thanks Al. Brian For the wiring, Is this correct? Tab Up Left to Right #1 LT. Blue = Data Link #2 Blue = Data Link #3 Tan = Map (male or female) #4 Black = Ground #5 Red = 12+ Supply #6 Green = Map (male or female) #7 White = Map (male or female) #8 Grey = VP44 Thanks, Brian
  2. This is perfect!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much! Red wire, that is power wire? Brian
  3. Were you able to dig out the wiring harness? Please take this as being pushey. Thanks Brian
  4. Hello All, Over the years I have jumped around the different fueling boxes. I have uncovered my old edge comp box without the wiring harness. I can get a new harness for $150.00 from Edge but before I shell out $150.00 for the harness I would like to verify my box works. I called Edge and they told me that my box is too old, build date of 12/31/2002, and they no longer support testing of this box but can provide the wiring harness. If someone out there has a wiring harness that they can provide a wiring diagram so I can make my own, or if I could plug my box into someones truck and confirm it works before I shell out $150.00 to buy a new harness from Edge. I am in the Sacramento California area. Can someone out there help me? TIA, Brian
  5. Silverwolf2691, On a WOT pull from a stop while pulling my 5th wheel I would see 45 psi briefly and 40-42 consistently until i back out of the throttle. Speaking with Bradly, the manufacture of the super 9, he stated that 50 -55 psi is the limit for this turbo. I would like to install a drive pressure gauge and see where I am at for Drive/Boost ratio. Brian
  6. Ok, Boy do I feel foolish, Did not even think about the Boost fooling. I plugged in the TST PM3 box and Boost is back, EGT's are still a bit high, 1175-1250F towing, and IAT are 145-155F. Going to do the WT mod, just not this weekend. had to go int work today. Also will check the wiring for the IAT. Question, How come my IAT ad EGT were high is the ECM is pulling fuel without the boost fooler?
  7. Me78569, Mopar1973Man, I will reconnect my TST PM3 tonight for the boost fooler and see how that goes. I will also find and do the WT Ground wire mod. this weekend. Hopefully This is my problem
  8. I do have a TST PM3 comp but it is not yet reinstalled.
  9. Hello All, its time for another problem. I have an 01 2500 (DFI 7X009 injectors, DTT Trans with 89% converter, 3.55 gears, 265/70/17 Tires) and I recently removed my stock exhaust manifold and Hy35/9 turbo and AFE air filter and replaced it with an Insta-Spool Super 9 turbo, ATS 3 piece exhaust manifold and a Power Driven Diesel Dust Bowl air filter. After installing those items I took it for a test drive and all was good. Spooling was nice and had about 38 psi max boost and EGT's were higher than I thought they should be, 950-1000F at 65 MPH on flat ground no load. I called Power Driven Diesel and asked about the boost numbers and EGT's and they asked me to increase the W/G spring tension by 3 turns. This netted me 45 PSI and 900F. Over the next few days I have noticed excess smoke, rising EGT's, rising IAT's lowering boost numbers. When Pulling my 5th wheel, about 8,000 lbs, on flat ground at 65 mph I had 1250F and 10 PSI. At this point I was not monitoring IAT's. Well that did not seem right so I called Power Driven Diesel again and they asked me to put my AFE air filter back on. I did and no change. I started trouble shooting and noticed with my Torque App my Throttle position would only read 68% when I was at WOT. After some research I found others were reading the same so I borrowed my buddy's Scan-tool and the throttle %'s and it read 0 and Idle and 100% at WOT. I did a cylinder deactivation and looked at the load values for each cylinder. with all 6 running my load was 15% and each time I dropped a cylinder it would read 18-19%. I feel that it is consistent so that is good. This is when I started monitoring IAT's. when pulling my 5th wheel I would see 155F on flat ground at 65 mph I had 1250F and 10 PSI. I read that if my POP pressure was low it could cause the symptoms that I was seeing so I pulled my injectors and took them to Valley Fuel injection and they tested at 270-280 range. I have them adjusted to 300 and new coppers and seals. when I installed the injectors I adjusted my valves and all were with in 0.005" of spec. With the valves adjusted and the injectors back in, she idled smoother, ran quieter and revved a bit faster. On a test drive I noticed lower power IAT's 155-160F throttle position was higher to maintain 65 mph and more smoke, 1300 EGT 10 PSI. Tonight I replaced my IAT sensor with a Napa one and no change in IAT readings. I did get a low boost P0237 and P0113 IAT Sensor 1 circuit high. On this test I could not get over 55 mph and max boost was 28 psi and EGT's 1400F. Things are going down hill fast and I need HELP. Any Ideas? Sorry for the long post but trying to give you all the info I can. TIA.
  10. I like that Idea. How did you add, and what type of diode did you use?
  11. 😲 those Morimoto are nice! I was able to solve my issue by adding a 35A relay in the ground circuit and triggering that relay with a switched power source. With this I have my low beams on any time the key isin the on position. With the Daniel Stern harness the DLR function gets bypassed and no longer works. With the ground relay my lights are always on acting like DR'S. Thank you all for your help. Brian
  12. Hello All,I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 CDT Auto, and I did the sport headlight conversion a while ago and I recently bought the wiring harness from Daniel Stern Lighting. My initial impressions the harness uses very good components and heavy gauge wire. My truck was an export to Canada and I do have the DRL and I did the DLR mod as instructed by Daniel stern. However I do have two problems that I am tiring to resolve. 1. When I hook up the harness the drivers low beam is on all the time with the key on or off. When I turn on the headlights the low beam works only the drivers side and the high beam works as it should. 2. My fog light relay in the PDC is rapidly cycling. I do not have fog lights. I have reached out to Daniel and he was talking with his harness builder to determine what the issue is. Daniel has responded with a few questions and I have promptly replied to his questions. I have returned the truck to stock including the DLR mod and my headlights work as they did before. I did notice when I un-did the mod on the DLR side that is when the cycling of the fog light relay happens. It has been 10 days and 4 emails since the last email Daniel has responded and my last email requested help to resolve the issue or provide a return for the money spent as I do not need an expensive paper weight. Has anybody had similar issues with the harness and may have an answer to get the harness working? As i said earlier the harness is of good quality and I would like to use it. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA, Brian
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