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  2. jlbayes, That looks like just what I need. Thank You!
  3. Thanks jlbayes, Looking at Pure Diesel Power's website: https://puredieselpower.com/dodge-products/transmission-2/automatic/sensors-electronic-performance/?items_per_page=-1 It looks like the only electronics I would need to swap is the overdrive lock-up solenoid. I would be nice if it works out to be that easy. Hope I didn't just jinks myself.
  4. That is what I am thinking. But I have been known to have wrong thinking in the past. Thanks
  5. Hello Everybody. My current project, Long story short, is a 94 Ram 2500 2X4 NV4500 that has been re-bodied with a 78 Dodge Ramcharger body. I am going to converting it to 4X4 and Auto. I also have a 01 Ram 2500 4X4 47RE, DTT built, that I use as my daily driver and tow rig. What I would like to do is to swap the transmissions. As I would prefer to tow with a manual transmission and have the auto for play. I know that for the 01, I have to convert the NV4500 to a 4X4 output shaft and tail housing and that the 47RH was behind the 94 12 valve. I know that in 96 the RH was swapped to the RE and I have compared the PCM pinouts between the 96 and the 01, and as far as I can tell there is no changes that would affect the swap. I have sourced a PCM wiring harness from a 96 12 valve auto and I have not gotten a 96 auto PCM yet. I do have a 47RH from a V10 in stand-by if I am unable to use the 47RE. I have sourced a Diesel governor assy and still have my factory TC to use. But I only want to go this route if the 01 47RE just will not work. So, Do you guys think that If I were to run the 96 47RE wiring and auto PCM with the 01 47RE, Would it work? What are your thoughts? TIA!
  6. Jonny, I just had the same issue. I sent Bob an email and he sent me a smarty to restore the stock program and I sent it back. Boy I sure do miss the throttle response of the smarty! Bob is GREAT to work with!
  7. NightHawk, Where at in Northern California are you? I am in Yuba City. I am also looking to do the 47re to NV4500 swap and I was wondering how your setup is doing? Has your CEL lights come back on? Have you had to do a smog check? Thinking back is there anything you would have done different?
  8. Cool. I guess my next step to to find an he341ve and pick up a controller. And work the smarty best as I can until I can upgrade to the quad. Any recommendations as to where to get a turbo?.. pockets are not deep.
  9. I just watched this video on the Quad and WOW there is alot of adjustment availability. Is the information here on track?
  10. I think I needs to get an he351ve and the arduino controller. I will have to make the best of the smarty for now. I looked into the Quadzilla website and there are quite a few options. What would be your recommendations?
  11. Me78569, I have about 8,500 lbs 5th wheel that right now gets pretty toasty towing up hill. The area that I like to camp in has about a 2.5 mile run up a 6% grade. I always seem to be fighting EGT vs trans temp. The Smarty has the ability to custom tune, but I have not played with it and I use SW5 for towing and SW1 for street. What I would like, If possible, is to be able to install the TST PM3 (I like the ability of the PM3 to pull out fuel to keep EGT below a user set temp) stacked with the Smarty and figure out how to tune it and be able to tow my 5th wheel and have reasonable temps and smoke control. I also like the exhaust brake function of the VE. If I am unable to custom tune the Smarty then I would just run the PM3. I would also like to be able to set everything to kill and play at the drag strip. If I have to put a hp level I guess I would like to have 400-450 useable rwhp. Is there someplace where can find out the differances between the 341, 351, 451, 551 turbos? Thanks for the help!
  12. Ok, with this controller having the ability to control other VE turbos, what are the choices? I looked at Holset website and did not find anything helpful. I did come across this site http://www.turbomaster.info/eng/catalogs/holset.php?serie=HE It is a start but does not have the info that I am looking for. Also what would be the next step up? What HP could it support? My setup is 2001 2500 4X4, Auto(DTT), 90HP DFI injectors, Smarty S03, and sitting on the bench is a TST PM3 Comp. I am in need of a turbo upgrade as I smoked my PDR-HX35. So before I install the PM3 a new turbo will be needed and I would rather not get something that would just cover what I have as I would like to go bigger on the injector. Especially if the VE can make the low rpm smoke minimal. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  13. Wow that is a lot of reading, mostly not understanding it. Looking at the LBB 2.0 Standalone and I wonder if this would control other Holset VGT turbos?
  14. Hello everyone, I hope someone here can help me out. I have a 94 Ram 2500 2x4 NV4500 that I what to swap transmissions with my 01 Ram 2500. So I am looking for the pinouts for the 94 and a 96,97 or early 98. The 94 pcm will give me the Pin outs for a 12 valve and the 47rh and the 96,97, early 98 will give me the pinouts for a 12 valve with the 47re. I want to do this swap because I prefer to tow with a manual and the 94 is in the process of having the body from a 78 Ramcharger put on it and I prefer to race with an auto. Any inputs? Thanks Brian
  15. hmmmm, Rheostat on the IAT? Could you expand on this? I am also looking to increase the economy of my truck, so this might be something I would like to do. Also Thank You for the Site. Great informatation
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