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  1. Have done this also on my '02 . . . . carefully take the switch apart and clean the contacts. The last time this was done, I used a couple layers of paper towel wet'd down with brake cleaner. It takes about 10 minutes from start of job to finish. Easy job.
  2. Please move this post to the appropriate forum, as I don't want to de-rail the OP's thread . . . apologies. Have tried to contribute once in the past . . . didn't work out. I live out of the US, and have never wired monies before. I just don't know how to do it. The advice and knowledge on this site is priceless . . . . Thank you, Greg
  3. Glad you're on the mend Mike . . . . A time for reflection on what life has given you . . .
  4. Your truck came with 16" rims . . . run a 285 x 75R-16 The rims have the proper offset, etc. to give you decent wear on the front end/steering components. 20" rims are a little 'yupp-ish' . . . but, I'm another old guy.
  5. Old school here . . . . .300 Winchester / Model 70 / 24" bbl. 180g NP Protected Point. IMR4831 / 72.5g Mag primers in Hornady cases. Good load, maybe not the fastest, groups tight in both my Model 70's . . .
  6. One of the best places to meet people is at a gymnasium. You'll get plenty of help and advice to get healthier and fit, and you'll meet both male and female folks, many of them with the same challenges as you. Your body and mind are a team. Get your body on the road to health, and your mind will tag along. If there's a community facility, it may be worth joining. You will meet people ! Good luck - health !
  7. Just heard about all your hurdles Mike. Attitude and enthusiasm are a great catalyst for the healing effects of a good diet and physical activity. Smile and let the sun shine on you and your family.
  8. Winchester Model 70 . . . . in .300 Winchester. Leupold fixed 6x Grizzly sh!t
  9. The grease only goes to the quadrant with the least resistance . . . leaving the other three dry. Have always got better service from a quality sealed unit. Other folks have other experiences . . .
  10. Wouldn't you like to 'tweak' your Dodge a little bit ? How about a re-badge to FARGO ? Pop the hood to show the folks . . . . 3126B Caterpillar ! Tell them it was a rare 'FX' model. Only a few were made . . . Have some fun ! Have nice headlights too
  11. What are you folks using for your mobile 2-way radios ? Usage for logging road travel . . . Anything that you've found good or bad. Thoughts ? ps. hoping that this is posted in the right forum. Please move if it isn't.
  12. So sorry Mike . . . They give us so much. You'll touch him again and rub his ears . . He'll wait for you . . . .
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