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  1. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Not the best shots Mike .... hope this helps. Mine aren't hooked up. Will be adding a mobile radio soon. The console has the wiring harness .... the truck doesn't.
  2. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Local auto wrecker .... $40.-
  3. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    It's a lighter grey as you can see. It contrasts quite nicely with the grey seats. Have seat covers on at the moment. These aren't the best pictures ....
  4. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Two bolts are a 'drop-in' .... Two need to be re-drilled ...... 10 minute job. Console has a 12v utility socket, another for a computer, and the under seat compartment is made for a mobile radio. Easiest up-grade you'll ever do.
  5. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Consider replacing your console with something newer with cup holders ..... this is from a '13
  6. Good info ..... thanks Mike!
  7. Macarena Man

    Door hinge

    Have used a motorcycle/quad jack also ..... Used some bushings for a GMC .... they were a little larger and fit the worn holes better.
  8. Macarena Man

    Power door locks

    If it's just the switch ..... it's an easy repair. Pop the window/lock pod out of the door. Easy to do with a small screwdriver. Un-plug and remove the switch. Gently remove the flat panel on the underside of the switch pod. The contacts will now be visible. A small piece of fine/worn out wet & dry sand paper can be used to clean the oxidation off of the copper contacts. Wipe with a cue-tip and brake cleaner. Re-install ...... have cleaned mine 3-4 times. Note: The plastic of the switch pod is old and tabs can be broken off / missing. Small zip ties work very well to hold the bottom panel in place. The whole operation will take 10 - 15 minutes.
  9. '02 ...... Atlantic Blue Forlorn old grave .... found it out in a meadow in west central Alberta
  10. Day Time Running Lights ..... compatible ?
  11. Macarena Man

    16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    Have you checked for runout with a dial indicator when they are on the truck ? My 1st Gen would vibrate like yours. On a long sweeper curve, does the vibration phase in .... then gradually phase out. In and out, in and out?
  12. Macarena Man

    Exhaust manifold

    Good looking manifold ! Thanks for the pic
  13. Macarena Man

    Exhaust manifold

    jlbayes ....... any photo's of your stainless manifold ? Like a header ?
  14. Macarena Man

    Headlight options

    Very interesting thread ...... Like Michael, I also have an '02 ..... the difference being a Canadian spec'd vehicle with mandatory 'Daytime Running Lights' Would like to up-grade also ..... with economy in mind. Perhaps the Flosser 9104's with another lens polishing ....
  15. Remove the console to change out the sunglasses door. Fairly easy to do. A little on the expensive side if you're a Canadian ... $60.- CAD I store chewing gum packages in mine. The garage door compartment is fairly useless ..... removed all the plastic 'guts' in mine ..... have a package of business cards there.