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  1. Macarena Man

    Big change in my life...

    Just heard about all your hurdles Mike. Attitude and enthusiasm are a great catalyst for the healing effects of a good diet and physical activity. Smile and let the sun shine on you and your family.
  2. Macarena Man

    Lets see what guns you "don't own" :shifty:

    Winchester Model 70 . . . . in .300 Winchester. Leupold fixed 6x Grizzly sh!t
  3. Macarena Man

    My first diesel

    Nice truck! Same year and color as mine.
  4. Macarena Man

    Preferred U-Joints

    The grease only goes to the quadrant with the least resistance . . . leaving the other three dry. Have always got better service from a quality sealed unit. Other folks have other experiences . . .
  5. Macarena Man

    Cummins grill emblem.

    Wouldn't you like to 'tweak' your Dodge a little bit ? How about a re-badge to FARGO ? Pop the hood to show the folks . . . . 3126B Caterpillar ! Tell them it was a rare 'FX' model. Only a few were made . . . Have some fun ! Have nice headlights too
  6. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Icom VHF . . .
  7. Macarena Man

    2-way radio . . .

    What are you folks using for your mobile 2-way radios ? Usage for logging road travel . . . Anything that you've found good or bad. Thoughts ? ps. hoping that this is posted in the right forum. Please move if it isn't.
  8. Macarena Man

    Diesel "The Dog" - Rest in Peace

    So sorry Mike . . . They give us so much. You'll touch him again and rub his ears . . He'll wait for you . . . .
  9. Macarena Man

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Just curious . . . Wondering why the fascination with 17 - 18 - 20" plus wheels ? The OEM 16" seem to work well . . .
  10. How many folks have had an engine failure due to pre-filling their oil filters with the 'dirty' new oil ?
  11. Macarena Man

    Dash lights . . . odd occurance

    Not familiar with the switch . . . The dimmer feature wasn't / hasn't been used since I've owned this truck. Will pull the switch and replace it. Thank you for the replies.
  12. On a 500 mile trip .... driving with headlights on. Dash lights slowly faded away. Next day, dash lights came on with the head lights . . not quite as bright, but they worked. Any ideas ?
  13. Macarena Man

    Center Console/Armrest

    Calgary ..... my home town!
  14. Macarena Man

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    With the AR Outlaw II's .....
  15. Macarena Man

    Macarena Man