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  1. the everstart batteriesi had in my powerjoke were great. the ones i had were from johnson controlls. they make exides as well as autozone and autocraft batteries. i have the autocrafts in my truck now , same group 65's good stuff.
  2. i see idaho tries to lure you in with good taterz and then tries to freeze the taters off ya. i am such a puss now. it was like 59 today and i was bitchin' cuz it was cold.
  3. with the idi and the stanadyne db2 i have a valve that switches back and forth. i am using a wrap around filter heater and im using the built in tranny cooler in my rad as a heat exchanger. it keeps the oil at 140 deg. at the ip no problem as long as its up to operating temp. the only problem i had was the ip's only last a year at best. that and when i switch to veggie it mixes the little bit of return diesel into the veggie tank and vice versa when switched back. what i need to do is do a dual filter head setup and switch from the filter heads right at the ip. and rig up a timed return setup to catch the mixture before switching the return. its complicated but it works. i usually just had to drain the tanks and flush them out every couple of months. well worth it when i get wvo free. temp isnt too bad here in fla. if i was up north i woud want to get an in tank heat exchanger/electric heater for sure. we rarely freeze down here.
  4. man ive always been anal about every 3-5k on everything i own gasser or diesel. but after researching this i think ill try it.
  5. as long as you guys keep the good taterz comming your all right in our book!
  6. looking at the fsm, it appears that the p-7100 pump is oiled from the engine lubricating oil supply. if that is in fact the case the p pump would be far superior in the lubricity dept. im reading alot these days!
  7. a buddy of mine swears straight veggie is perfectly fine to run through the p pump. i had problems with it on my idi with the stanadyne db2 pump , pumps would go bad after a few months. i was just wanting to stir the pot a bit and see what you guys thoughts are.
  8. yea thats what i was going to do but i think i already found some for my 95
  9. i had a jack related problem yesterday when i went to jack up the engine with the shop crane. the dang thing wouldnt pump up for crap so i was forced to get a new 8 ton long ram at northern tool. i think the internal seals blew out? im going to take it apart and see if i could by chance source the seals at the local bearing/seal house. they can usually find one by od and id. i may get lucky and find that its just o rings? ive dealt with hydraulics but ive never messed with a chinese jack before.
  10. i would be interested to see one with or without. like 2 fleet vehicles, one with and one without. have the engines pulled out and mic'ed out prior to testing. then run them in similar fashion for say 100k miles and then both torn down and mic'ed out and inspected again. but im sure that wont happen but that woudl be one of those tests that woudl be cool to see
  11. ive heard of this before. i just havent had enough balls to do it!
  12. holy crap man! im sure ha changes his filter every so often though?
  13. man you cant be serious??? :eek: i use super tech in my idi.
  14. im using WMO in my idi with the stanadyne db2 ip at about 100-1 and it seems to help with cold starts as well as power. this ulsd really stinks.... pun intended.
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