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  1. Mine only has a two prong connector,I think I'll be able to get most of the harness out of the other truck.someday...lol
  2. Thanks for looking up the #'s for us man,glad you like that thing,works great don't it?I noticed pretty significant power increase,guessing ma's old system had a leak in it somewhere.
  3. I think I got it to work,thanks for your help man!this has been driving me nuts for a while
  4. Anyone use Pegasus mail that might have an idea how to make the messages drop off the server after I get them down?I've got like 100+ email messages and dunno how to get rid of them,they download every time I check my mailbox...lolAny help would be greatly appriciated!Thanks
  5. Seems like running used oil vapor into the turbocharger might be bad,I've thought about it too.Also,these engines will run on oil,and if you managed to get a big charge of oil into the intake that could be a runaway situation.
  6. I borrowed a Ford,it was very nice of them to loan it to me,however it was a gutless turd that guzzeled fuel like it was goin' out of style!I'll just go ahead and keep the Dodge...
  7. Should not be necessary to climb under the truck,it's on the drivers side front,on the timing gear case.On the second gens we stand just in front of the drivers side tire and lean over the fender,move the wiring bundle a little and there it is!
  8. I got the parts from the Dodge dealer like Mopar man did and fixed up my rear caliper,changed the fluid too...MUCH better!I never used the brakes hard,so they got froze up in the back,my rear pads lasted 250k+lol.Now when I come to a stop I mash em' down from time to time to keep them free,it works good.
  9. Yeppers,mines all original so I'm not going to swap it,going to try and find some nut who thinks they are collector cars I had a 69 Coronet 440 with a 440 and a A833 in it,man I miss that car `
  10. I've got one of those chargers,a 73' SE with all the goodies,need to get that thing under cover.HATE the 400ci engine though,what a POS.
  11. I've got 4" exhaust,no muffler for right now,need to put that back....smokies are looking at me a little funny,soon they'll decide to say something about it.Got the "fuel boss" lift pump from Glacier,its very nice,for over the road anyway,it would need some guards for off road use.Have the southbend pressure plate,and hydralic system.Need a AFE intake,some kinda electronic upgrade,and a deer proof/elk resistant bumper for the front,I drive most of my hours at night and them critters are tough to dodge (pun intended)
  12. After you sleeve you'll need to add some Nalcool (not sure of the spelling) to the coolant,cause' otherwise theres some kinda reaction with the sleeve,can't remember exactly why,but it corrodes the block if you don't.
  13. I run 255/85 R16 in the winter with agressive tread,for the slush,siping helps.If I did not care at all about how long the tires lasted I'd buy BFG ATs,they are the best I've used in the snow,and on the ice,but in the mud they suck!An 8500lb truck aint my idea of fun in the mud anyhow,when you get it stuck....woo wee,thats tough to pull out.
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