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  1. 12 volt air compressor

    Actually this is a 100% duty motor, but it runs for about 90secs to fill the tank. It just pulls a mass of amps when it breaks over 110psig. it will drive the alternator VR offline on low volts. I am going to change my setup to include a 30amp self reset breaker to split the batteries out. When running a ½" impact, the compressor cycles a lot since it puts out more air than the wrench can use. I normally just leave it off until the wrench calls for more air. Can usually get all but one lug nut off with just the tank. Not the best picture, but you get the idea.
  2. Good day from SOCAL

    I'm actually from Montana. Grew up in Whitehall and Butte (here come the jokes...). I got out of there as quick as I could and am returning to my roots, just keeping the parents arms distance away. They drive me nuts, but I love still. Plus now I can get real Everclear instead of the CA limited 151 proof. How do you like that Ranch Hand bumper? I've got a home built (no pictures yet).
  3. Good day from SOCAL

    I am going to work in Helena at the federal building. I work for one of those three letter agencies that is unpopular right now. I ran nuclear reactors also, but on carriers. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Dodge Ram1500
  5. Name: Dodge Ram1500 (2001) Date Added: 27 March 2015 - 08:21 PM Owner: Deadbus Short Description: 4" lift, 35" BFG's. View Vehicle
  6. Dodge Ram2500
  7. Name: Dodge Ram2500 (2002) Date Added: 27 March 2015 - 08:16 PM Owner: Deadbus Short Description: Nathan K3HA airhorn. Edge Comp, SMARTY, Jammer 2 injectors, Banks Monster Airhorn, 5" Exhaust, PACBrake, AFe filter, FASS, guages, 98gal TransferFlow, 8" lift, 37" Toyo tires. View Vehicle
  8. Bingo. We called 'em sacrificial anodes (I was an electrician and responsible for part of the system).
  9. I had an old timer teach me to put a penny in the little groove of the battery caps. It doesn't rattle around much and has been good at keeping the posts and wires clean. When the penny gets bad just replace it. They have yet to rattle out of place and I beat the heck out my truck. Just my $.02, no pun intended. Or was it???
  10. 12 volt air compressor

    I got a York 210R direct coupled to a winch motor running to an old 14 gal propane tank. There are ½" lines running to each bumper. The pressure switch is set for 110/140#. I use the system mostly for my Nathan K3HA. Everything is mounted where the spare tire used to go. I'll post pictures later of the setup.
  11. Good day from SOCAL

    Thanks for the invite, but I am on a time crunch to the new office. I'll be crossing through ID quite a bit, so I might hit you up for a cup of coffee sometime.
  12. Good day from SOCAL

    17yr Navy vet in sunny San Diego, but transplanting to Montana next week. I'm a jack of all trades and love my trucks. I'm on my 5th Ram, 4th diesel (long story). I own 3 trucks, all Rams: '98, '01, and '02. I've owned own F and am glad it was temporary. This is my '02 Ram (I didn't put the lift on it, I wanted the engine and tranny. The rest came with the truck. My '01 1500 Hope to gain lots of knowledge from the group. Cheers! Vinnie
  13. Deadbus