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  2. I'm considering stepping up in injectors. I have 7x10's now but I'm thinking I could use some more fuel. Trying to keep a reliable dialy still, and keep close to my 20mpg.. What do y'all think?
  3. Those 100's are definitely plenty to get that going. That's nearly comparable to a stock turbo but with a bigger exhaust. I have the s364 and I spool around 1700 with 7x10's a smarty, edge juice with attitude, and hotrod pump.. So I'd say you're just fine with the spooling factor.. Just got learn to drive it.. With any new turbo, your power band will change and you just have to figure out where it is
  4. A boost elbow allows you to delay the opening of the wastegate so you can build more than 23 pounds of boost, which is what it is set at factory
  5. I work with a guy from Cali, all he talks about is smog testing and how much of a pain and hindrance it is
  6. Hey now.. Us Ohio folk like to say it adds character.. But mine is somehow rust free... Yes you do find the few that are.. But you haven't smelled heaven until you fire that diesel up at -10 degrees... Smells so good... Then you try to drive off and it sounds like it's gonna blow up and your edge won't work right in the cold, gauges go nuts. Tells you you're running 100psi fuel pressure one second and zero the next and your boost reads 7psi all day and throws and underboost code lol.. Once it warms up to about 15 it all squares away haha
  7. Around here, we don't have smog testing lol.. I laugh at all the Cali people that do
  8. So I have heard lol.. Been wanting to try it but like my edge gauges
  9. I have the edge juice with attitude and I love it. I ran it solo for a while and then I stacked a smarty with it and the difference was amazing. I also now have a hotrod pump and you can definitely tell the difference when the edge kicks on. The Hotrod and the smarty alone run much higher egts than they do with the edge. I don't know why but that's how its panned out. before I could tow with my edge all the way up same with smarty and never break 950 egts even in over drive. with the hotrod it likes to run about 1100-1200 in over drive unless I'm running 80... the nice thing about the hotrod p
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