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  2. Well as an update... I took the truck to a local diesel shop, they test drove it and said they could find nothing out of the ordinary with the truck. In fact, they said it was one of the nicest/best handling 2nd gens they have seen. I laughed and said, "As stupid as this sounds, I know the truck is acting different, and I am still unsure and want you to find something." They had the owner drive it next and again said everything checked out normal. I am guessing with the slight upgrade in turbo I am just going to have to get used to the black smoke until the turbo really gets spooled. As far as the slight vibration in overdrive, still scratching my head but again they said nothing out of the ordinary. These guys could have easily "diagnosed" something wrong that wasn't, but instead took great care of me.
  3. NormaNator08

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Correct!! Yard is more likely at this point. My buddy just bought an 01 white long bed. Looks good.
  4. NormaNator08

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    New wheels, tires, shocks, and leveling kit... officially sleeping on the couch! Tow mirrors, cab lights, bed cover coming...
  5. Thanks for the input from all. The truck is at the shop now for Diagnosis...will keep you posted.
  6. Was not aware of that. I have pretty much always left it on 3 because it has been the sweet spot.
  7. 285/70/17 3:55 checked for boost leak didn’t find one not sure of the rest of the details of the turbo. I will try and find out in the morning. Not sure what our mean about sub level? stock injectors
  8. Hi all, Started noticing a problem with my truck when it shifts into overdrive. Driving down the road, truck shifts through the gears normal kicks into overdrive and then starts acting differently. It will cruise fine under light throttle... as soon as I give it throttle, it responds very sluggishly, starts throwing consistent black smoke, the EGT's will jump up, and the truck is vibrating. It will continue to do this until it really gets up and going, or if I let off the throttle. It really is a pain because the truck drives in overdrive a lot on the 35-50mph roads around here. This has just started happening and seems to be getting slightly worse. Any ideas/help as to a diagnosis or where to start looking? As always thank you in advance for any help. - FYI...recently put a new turbo in the truck which is considered a slight upgrade I believe with the 59mm inducer. - Edge Juice with attitude, fass150, 4'' turbo back exhaust, BHAF
  9. Just to provide a little clarity... The high/low bulb for the main headlights are working fine. No issues at all. From what I see the pictures referenced above are the plugs for those bulbs. The problem happens when I engage the fog lights, that when the high beam indicator light shows up very faint. If the problem could be related to the plugs that you are showing, I will start to investigate.
  10. Agree and am already working on this... any sign of blinding oncoming traffic and I will be replacing. Biggest questions is whats causing the High Beam indicator light to signal?
  11. I installed Led headlights and fog lights the other day along with new housings for both... what a difference the new housings made in the appearance of the truck! My wife said it looks like a brand new truck. When the headlights are on, everything functions as normal. When I pull the switch to engage fog lights, my high beam indicator appears and is very faint. If I hit the high beams the indicator light appears like normal. Any ideas as to whats causing this? Thanks!
  12. When I bought my truck it had a Isspro Fuel pressure gauge mounted in the left pillar. I installed a Fass150 and Edge Juice with attitude. 2years later, I would like to hook up the Isspro gauge again...it's just sitting there and I think its cool when it works. My question is, whats the best way to make this happen? Cut the line before/after the current one and run a completely separate setup? Will this cause any issues? Below is a pic of my current set up. Thanks for any help!!
  13. Thank you for the feedback. I am definitely willing to spend more money American made parts. I see the kit you reference above and will most likely buy. Were the compressor wheel and turbine from GYTurbo the cheap stuff or actual Holset? I appreciate the advice and will not. Looking for the best solution (good one above by Trreed I believe).
  14. Would the below kit be a good one to consider? First time looking into a kit like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-2002-Dodge-Ram-Diesel-Turbo-HX35W-3592766-Comp-Wheel-Shaft-Rebuild-Kit-/282352735521
  15. Gotcha. I am hopefully going to get this done asap... that sound is driving me crazy!! Again thanks for the advice and I will keep you posted.