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  1. When I bought my truck it had a Isspro Fuel pressure gauge mounted in the left pillar. I installed a Fass150 and Edge Juice with attitude. 2years later, I would like to hook up the Isspro gauge again...it's just sitting there and I think its cool when it works. My question is, whats the best way to make this happen? Cut the line before/after the current one and run a completely separate setup? Will this cause any issues? Below is a pic of my current set up. Thanks for any help!!
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I am definitely willing to spend more money American made parts. I see the kit you reference above and will most likely buy. Were the compressor wheel and turbine from GYTurbo the cheap stuff or actual Holset? I appreciate the advice and will not. Looking for the best solution (good one above by Trreed I believe).
  3. Would the below kit be a good one to consider? First time looking into a kit like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-2002-Dodge-Ram-Diesel-Turbo-HX35W-3592766-Comp-Wheel-Shaft-Rebuild-Kit-/282352735521
  4. Gotcha. I am hopefully going to get this done asap... that sound is driving me crazy!! Again thanks for the advice and I will keep you posted.
  5. I hear ya... Just got to step up and make it happen. Thank you for the advice! Well I hate to see that and I'm glad to know it there is support through it. Looking into pulling turbo and replacing the guts. Mike, you have seen and heard it all... thoughts on the sound in the video?
  6. What should I be looking for? I have never taken one off before and am a little leery... haha no kidding! Thank goodness it was a piece of rubber and not something more dangerous. I see what your saying there in the pic and will take another look at the blades. You think that a bent blade could cause the whining sound? Were you able to listen to the video in the youtube link? If a bent blade is causing the problem am I stuck with replacing them I guess?
  7. Background: Serviced my truck the other day and did oil change, oil filter, took off the BHAF and hit with air compressor. Went for a drive and noticed a whining sound once the boost started to build (never heard this before). Went back to the house immediately and pulled the BHAF/intake elbow and found rubber behind turbo silencer ring (see picture). I am not 100% sure where it came from. My helpful two year old could have put something in there while it was sitting on the ground, or it could have been a rubber tip that came off the air compressor attachment. Just not sure. Anyway, I ended up taking off all boots before and after intercooler to blow out/check the lines as well as pulled the intercooler to hit with compressed air and try to blow out any debris (only got a small piece of rubber out). Replaced everything, and whining is still present. So, I am still trying to figure out whats causing this sound... can't stand it!! The sound happened right after the service, so that leads me to believe its not a boost leak on a boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am open to try anything. Photo of rubber attached. Youtube link to see video and hear boost below. https://youtu.be/FvXuhI38BME Thanks in advance! Video_Feb_04,_11_19_00_AM.mov
  8. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    BIG THANKS to everyone who helped me out through this! This website and the QUICK RESPONSES are a life saver.
  9. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    It's been crazy on this end have not had any time to work on truck until this past weekend... and the good news is... I think she's fixed!!! So, I replaced the cam sensor, did not fix the problem. Leaving the new one in due to the fact that it was a little tedious to replace and hopefully will never have to do it again. One thing that I don't think I brought up was that when I originally installed the EJWA wire tap on the wire backside of VP44 closest to the block, the sheathing that covered the wires crumbled apart (due to heat/age I guess). I wrapped the wires in electrical tape and moved on. Remember, she ran fine after the install, just didn't seem to have the extra juice on higher levels. When I installed the stealth plate cover, I replaced the electrical tape with Liquid Electrical Tape. What appears to have been the problem is that the wires started touching and without actual electrical tape they were causing some kind of short or something...basically all the stuff that we already discussed. We put all new electrical tape on, reinstalled the stealth plate cover, and she is running strong! Check engine light and all codes are gone. MY ADVICE FOR ANYONE WOULD BE TO GET A STEALTH PLATE COVER FROM THE BEGINNING AND YOU COULD AVOID EVERYTHING I JUST WENT THROUGH!!!
  10. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    haha I could NEVER... even though I am mad right now, I do love these trucks. Are you suggesting to just replace the cam sensor? I have looked online and they are relatively inexpensive. I will be honest the article on how to troubleshoot the P1690 code has me scratching my head a little... would replacing the cam sensor avoid a lot of those steps?
  11. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    Thank you guys both for the info on the APPS reset... just did it and it didn't work... truck is actually puffing more blue/black smoke, and now it is jumping around at idle. Next is lighting a can of diesel fuel underneath and watching it burn!! haha So frustrating because this truck ran PERFECT for one afternoon, and now shes sick. On to the next troubleshooting attempt...
  12. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    Yes sir it can! I am double checking all fuel supply for the VP to see if something went wrong along the way. I have read on here about using a needle valve? Next task at hand for sure.
  13. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    I did disconnect the batteries... and did not reset the TPS either time I did this, or take any special steps. Do you have more info? I will begin looking around right now. I am definitely going to start looking into the cam sensor and see if something went wrong there. 2 Stroke oil was something I have been thinkin about, and I am getting reafy to start running in the truck. I have only driven the truck about 1500 miles in 6 months. I am fixing to wear it out with fall coming up and want it ready to hit the road!
  14. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    There was a FASS DRP on the truck for about 2 yrs before I owned the truck, and then I bought the truck and put the 150 on back in February. Fuel pressure has been monitored by both me and the previous owner. Pressure sits around 16psi idle and it jumps around while driving. The Juice will show numbers raging from 13psi-24psi. Before I went electronic, the pressure never went below 10 on the manual guage with the DRP. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but I feel strongly that this whole situation was caused by something I did during my stealth plate install. Everything was fine until I did the install. Everything went back to fine momentarily until this morning...The only things electrical I did during the install was unplug my throttle position sensor and the harness on my VP44. I am just confused on why everything went back to normal... and then back to crap! Going to try trouble shooting guide this week but welcome to all suggestions.
  15. P1690.... No Power/Rough Idle

    Update... truck now has P0216 showing up. I saw the article you referenced earlier MoparMan. I was crossing my fingers that this specific situation (involving the gaskets/too much air) could be handled differently. Now I have this second code to worry about. Again this all started when I went in and did the Stealth Plate install... there have been zero issues with the truck prior, so I am trying to think what I could have done.