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  1. Sorry. Pacific north west truck. Found one btw. A 95 ext cab dually 5 speed 420k miles. Recent head gasket job with new Upgraded injectors, so now I have the truck I wanted! I'll post in the other parts of the forum as well.
  2. Great deal. Looking for a pnw truck.
  3. PM me with any leads. Looking to spend 10k or less on a ext cab dually cummins 5/6 speed truck. Thanks a ton!
  4. So, today I jacked it up and took the tires off. I ran out of time to go get them checked for balance. I did however discover that on the pass side the lug studs were worn like the lug nuts had come loose at one point and the wheel and wobbled around and ruined the inside threads. The lug nuts were not loose. I'm not a fan of this style wheel with this style of centering, I'm not sure on the wording of it but is there anything I can do to maybe run other wheels or ? Tomorrow I'm going to likely just have a couple newer tires mounted up on the current wheels. Hopefully this helps with the vibration etc. I also found no play in the idler arm etc but there was a bit of slop in the shaft from the steering wheel to the box, what is the best way to tighten that up? Is that a box issue or a shaft issue?Thanks a TON!
  5. Where to start.. Well, its been quite a while since I've been on this site, I'm happy to see its going well!Just purchased another cummins after missing my 98 after selling it a year or so ago.This is a 91 d250 2wd automatic.#1 After driving it for a couple hundred miles with wandering steering the truck suddenly started shaking as if I had a flat tire. Well, I do not. I suspect its likely in the front end. I jacked up the wheels and there is a small amount of play in the bearings but not enought that I think this is the source of the shaking.#2 Excessive blowby. Is there anything I can do to keep from smoking out the cars beside me at a stoplight? Or is the motor just to worn out?#3 Is it a 3 speed or Overdrive tranny? I'm only getting 3 gears. Is there a simple check to see which trans I have, The truck will do 55 on the freeway 60 is ok but over that is working it a little.#4 NONE of the gauges work, no speedo, odo, charge, fuel level, nothing. Any suggestions on why everything would be out?#5 Windshield wipers are only working on high mode. (I suspect a combo switch, but let me know if I'm wrong)Until I get these things figured out I'm not going to worry about much else, there are a handfull of smaller questions I have for the truck.Thanks a ton! Paul
  6. My front crank seal leaks like crazy. I'm looking to replace it again and this time use the Timken part to fix the wear spots in the crank, Does anyone have any good stories about this or any other way to keep it from leaking? Thanks!
  7. So, I went and bought a new flasher because I could not get mine to work (expensive square one). It works fine now with the truck off and can do my big trailers lights fine. BUT when the truck has its headlights on running or not, it simply buzzes loudly and cannot flash the lights, There is a little warpage of the place where the flasher plugs in I'm worried it has gotten very hot in the past to warp the plastic a little and I have no clue as to how to figure out whats wrong. I would assume a piss poor ground maybe?Thanks.
  8. I've done this to my dually wheels. Looks great! I used a wheel specific paint but I've had to redo one simply because I didn't realize that there was a part of the wheel not dry when I first painted and it flaked off, this was all my fault and so far so good, you can (and I have in the past) get a gloss black and clearcoat if a few times and that holds up even better.
  9. My truck is also very squeeky when going over bumps. I was using about 1/2 my weight and could push nose of truck up and down a few inches pretty easy, I think its just old shocks. I was just hoping to hear other people has similar symptoms.Thanks.
  10. I have not nor do I want to pull the tranny to see if anything is wrong, could this be fairly normal with a stronger aftermarket clutch?
  11. Calipers, rotors, ? Anything else? 17" wheels (which I have)Thanks.
  12. My truck chatters upon launch at almost any rpm idle or not. I think it has a aftermarket clutch in it, is there anything else that you guys can think of that would cause this? I've been under the truck looking for loose items but cannot seem to find anything that is loose (driveline, rearend shackles etc.)Thanks.If you really really really hit the clutch just right at a idle you can get it to drive without chattering but thats it.. Its really annoying when pulling a big trailer.
  13. My dually started having a weird vibration I think its from the front at 40mph or so mostly at a cruise or decell situation and not so noticeable if at all when I'm accelerating. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Well, I paid $400 for the pump and the turbo. The CEL went off today and the truck drives great. I'm going to use the 7 blade hx35 as a upgrade on one of my turbo mitsubishi cars, they support about 450-500 hp on the 2.0 4g63 motors! Or, maybe I'll just sell it. Thanks for the replies!
  15. I just did mine somewhere around 4hrs or so. I used my camera to take pictures of the keyway to tell if it was at 12 oclock or not since I did not have a mirror.. I used a $5.95 steering wheel puller on the gear you have to pull. Have fun!
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