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  1. Na, Havent done nothing.It's did this before after sitting for awile. Now when I start it, It'll be low on power steering fluid. The truck sits in a heated garage around 60deg. It been in the same spot for a month, (not started) all of a sudden looked under the truck and it has power steering all over the floor. Checked fluid leval and its over full....... EDIT;That's why I'm thinking it's draining down/back into the power steering pump housing..........
  2. Yes the power steering fluid, It's leaking out the cap, (on the pump) I was thinking:duh: beening the booster was higher than the pump the problem was it's draining back down and over filling the pump housing after setting awile. Ed.................
  3. Is there a check valve in the power steering pump to the booster line/or line it self ?????? The reason I ask is mine, (after setting awile) Starts losing fluid out the fill cap.This is the second time this has happen.Is this normal for this truck or is there a problem? I'm thinking I need to drive it more.:pray:Thanks Ed............................................
  4. Mike, sence I'm no longer running the power puck, Do you think if I install the RV/275's with the stock motor it'll get me close to the power/performance I had or will it need other help?The reason i'm asking, I'm not looking to hot rod in any way. Just kick it up a little, like the puck did with out the other problems. The puck only had appx 5000miles on it, wont trust one again. It did make pulling the trailer alot better.Thanks Ed.
  5. For the record: Unhooked the power-puck, the truck is back to stock, Took a test drive about 30 miles and the result was:Oil Pressure was higher by at least 20 psi. (60 idle warm) 85-90 Coldtruck ran better, wasn't A slug anymore, ran like it did when it was new. (an still is 67,000 mi):thumb1:Hooked up the code reader and: NO 5-VOLT SUPPLY CODES.I'm thinking the puck was deff. the problem. Still cant figure why the mileage window shows: PCM=1763 done & ECM=1693 done? I know there companion codes but why won't my reader pick them up. Reader says: no-codes found (passed) and how do you get rid of them. my code reader is a 200.00 buck ACTRON.Thanks Ed. Oh by the way, the transmisson shifted a ''LOT'' smother, didn't have the hard hit going into the higher gears. before with the trailer loaded and (in it hard) it seamed like it want to throw the u-joint's out:rolleyes:.going to miss the extra power it had from the puck, but i'm thinking of leaving it off.
  6. I haven't check the 5 volt at the ECM, after reading mikes post i'm woundering if my puck is out??? it plugs into the map. and the truck has been running weak, my next step will be to unhook the puck and see what happens. would this be possible??? thanks Ed
  7. Been trying to get this thing fixed, Went through the grounds and the 1488 and 522 codes keep coming back. Trying to trouble shoot from the book but seems it's just getting more confusing:mad: The book:1488= Auxiliary 5 volt sensor feed is sensed to be below an Acceptable limit. 5-volt Supply Voltage low. Sensor Supply voltage for E C M sensor is too low. book: 522= Oil pressure sending unit voltage input below the min acceptable voltage. Question? is there a sensor that supplies 5 volt's to the E C M?I thought the E C M did the 5 volt thing.:rolleyes:Thanks Ed.
  8. Well if that's the case, I stand corrected,,,,,,,,,,,,If your wanting a new one it's a no brainer,, Go to the dealer and order one.
  9. Mine does both, w/p-done, I'm sure its green, but sometimes I just get a companion code (on both) with no other codes, My scanner will not pick-up any codes when it doe's this. It's a 2001 1/2.
  10. There you go,,,,,Mikes got you covered. (As Usual)
  11. On my wheels, just like you have pictured, they are 24mm, Sorry no pix. The center of the lugnut is hollow looking. If that makes any sence:2cents:. hope this helps. ---------- Post added at 05:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:57 PM ---------- just mesured with lugnuts on wheel, It was at 7/8'',,, from seated on the rim to the top of the nut, If you need anymore info I can take one off. I'm thinking as mike said, they are diff.
  12. Real sure it's aftermarket, I ordered my truck, and there was nothing in wood grain that i could of ordered. Love the look, stoped by a truck outfitter and they could order 5-6 diff woods, very pricey (appx 400.00/500.00) for the kit, After getting over the sticker shock I went back to order the kit. They looked for about 1/2 hour and found out they could no longer get them....GOOD LUCK,,If you find a place to get/order one please let me know,Later Ed.
  13. Took mine out and put it back-in, atleast 1/2 dozen times, Could not hear any diff, (but my hearing isn't to good:thumbup2:) So the way I see it,,,,, is,,,,,ANYTHING, that smooths / cut's tublance in the incoming air is a good thing:smart:...................Mines staying in:thumbup2:
  14. Grid Heater is cycling, Voltage drops, than when cycling is complete it's back around 14volt.Thanks,,, I'll clear the code again to be sure. thanks again.................
  15. Yes, I put a set of alum's off an older 1977 chevy on mine, would of left them on but the back spacing was off and they were 16.5's,,,,,,,,,,Hope this helps.Ed.
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