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  2. I bought a rebuilt alternator and installed it. i'm getting 14.19 charge normal - 13.17 under fully load ( AC on max - head light - fog light - 4 way flash - radio on - interior light on - cargo light on ) + grid heaters on and off 12.19. Ripple form BATT's - BATT positive to ALT case - BATT negative to ALT and finally ALT it self like showing on the video unfortunately I'm reading 30.5 AC voltage I don't no is it acceptable or not? should I go ahead and return it an get the other one? what is your suggestion?
  3. Is DVM is digital voltmeter? I do have 3 different brand & can check any small volt. how do I check the AC noise whit it? how do I probe the BATT and the alternator and the alternator case? I'm asking because newer done it before!!! I know how to check the voltage not probe. As all ways Appreciate for the helps and efforts you guys providing and Please accept my apologies if sometimes I'm getting upset. I want you as of my friends know that is hard for someone like me living paycheck to paycheck keep up whit this truck issues + payment & insurance for it. I think, mention it before the only reason of buying it was, having a camper on it ( borrowing for close friend ) & after been 16 years in the U.S.A going to see the beauty of nature on our vacation.
  4. So if the AC noise cause of ALL this error and failure, what is the best way to get rid of it? changing alternator more often? re-rout the negative wire form under the alternator to front of the engine like the other positive wire over the radiator? install the noise filter?(if someone like fried wire on the oven this method is the very best way!!!) warped the wire with thin aluminium foil? I mean realy what we can do once for a long period of time to be free of this headache?
  5. OK please someone tell me which local part store i have to go that have RIPPLE test for alternator? i went to NAPA, O'Rally, Auto Zone, Car Quest, Advantage auto part, ACDelco in my area NONE of em have ripple test only things they can do is testing for proper charging. now what should i do to been sure the alternator I'm buying it doesn't have AC noise? Thanks to Dodge Chrysler for this she?>?" design for all make and model they all have electrical problem. only Daimler Chrysler not any other make or brand as we seen on the video Mr. Nelson posted is the 06 Chrysler not even 98 to 04 dodge ram 2500 cummins!!!! and we have to spend hundreds of dollars to deal and fix the STUPID design. we just buying the name (Dodge Ram) not the quality. look at this way rear end / transmission / transfer case / don't know any thing abut front end yet? / steering box / steering stabilizer ( in the road looks like DUI driving) / lift pump / VP44 / vacuum pump and steering pump seal /air intake elbow / Alternator noise causing electrical and computer failure / turbo / air filter thumping noise / poor dashboard plastic / AC & heating + fan / and so on I mine what the hack. instead of all, this trucks (from 98.5 - 02) have a good looking body and body style that's all nothing else. it's been only 4 mounts I but this truck and have to spend over 1600 to fix it and still not done yet. every day I'm starting it worried & scared of break down on the road. to me this truck is not Reliable and doesn't have quality. Please Accept my Apologies.
  6. I'm sorry what your family had gone through. I wish could do something unfortunately my hand is tight the only thing we can do is PRAY. God Bless your family and grant you strength.
  7. I'm sorry not having time to check the family, friendly website yesterday. Congratulation for your family first light. ( children's are like brilliant light of any house & happiness for the parents) Welcome to the none ending job " PARENTING " God Bless your family. I remember when my first son was born on 29 years ago we were so happy, now we have to take care of his 2 and half years old son. such a wonderful world. Again congratulation from all members of my family. every one saying he's so adorable.
  8. (VP44, ECM & other computers) NO WAY I let that happened if I need to buy a brand new alternator, I'll do rather than losing all expensive part. I'm going to get rid of the aluminium & let the wiring breath & not using the truck till get the good alternator, thanks for notifying me. would you please tell me which brand is the good one? yesterday my brand new Timbo APPS arrived, I don't have a chance to install it yet since I need to replace the alternator I'll wait then work on both. if someone knows the best or good brand alternator please let me know. Appreciate for all the help and Effort.
  9. Thank You to all family member & friend on Mopar1973Man whom Continuously fallowed & helped me during past several weeks to solve my problem with transmission shifting.last week I end up having problem with APPS low voltage and dead pedal + two codes P0121 & P0122 and the check engine light. first time I check the APPS voltage it was 2.46 (not good)but in the back of my stock USA made sensor recommended volt is .619 (wow) anyhow adjust it to .580 as suggested by Mr. Nelson, test drive it, on first few miles was good & normal after that light it came back, dead pedal again, wait for minute got acceleration back & drove it home. order Timbo APPS recommended by notlimah. after I ordered saw the link on timbo web page abut trany problem (Timbo Thanks to you too.) fallow it & read the 5 page & fined out, my problem with Lock & Unlocking between shifting is the same as them! and exactly is what Mr. Nelson told me yesterday morning, stupid noise of alternator diode spread via ground wire which is black or gray color, going toward the air filter & fire wall causes PCM get confuses trany lock & unlock between shifting.I end up doing old fashion treatment (ALUMINIUM FOIL). wrap ALL the ground wire going toward the PCM & wires coming out of alternator with: 1: cooking foil 2: fixflex heating&cooling aluminium tape 3:electrical tape.check the APPS voltage which was dropped from .580 to .245.re-adjust it to .369 as far as I could get with turning APPS clock wise & idle torque all the way back and loose then re-adjusted to .430 with idle screw right before start accelerating. re-calibrate it same as Mr. Nelson video, re-adjust TV cable and test drive. Thank Goodness on this time I had smoothed and proper shifting I ever had.I hope it last longer other wise I have to buy SPONGE which is suggested by Timbo. so when I received My new Timbo APPS definitely it's going to be installed & replace the old one. Now I'm closing this tread or should say topic & move on. I'm realy realy Appreciate of every one whom spend the valuable time and effort for helping me to solving my problem with trany & reading this long store. Best Regards Sam53 Saeed Sadeghian form Everett, WA
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