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  1. I've been looking for pics/videos of people that use/install them to see how it looks, fits, etc, but it's not an easy thing to find (especially in video form)..
  2. UPDATES: Front diff assembly looked fine, no play. fluid was super clean, no metal anything came out. Does not 'pop' when no front driveshaft is in (duh...) Front driveshaft is timed, u joints and cardan joint is fine.. *one* u-joint cap is spinnable by hand, which is odd, but not issue-causing Rear driveshaft is fine, true, not bent, no bad joints (it's one-piece DS) Rear output shaft seal leaks a tad; it's just over a year old, since t-case rebuild. Removed both shafts, removed tailshaft housing and snapring Can't get the case to separate; Permat
  3. 3.55s was a guess.. I found out after the fact that it's 3.73/4.10.. It is a 6MT so it's listed as 3.73. I'll drain the t-case soon, but wanted to test everything else I could before doing that, It's really weird that this same 'symptom' keeps coming back, even with a replacement t-case. I'll drop the front diff cover, maybe today, to see what that looks like.. I don't think it will be a diff, but you never know. It did this same noise before I did the t-case conversion, and didn't do it after I swapped them.. Until now. I also found out that the MCSB SRW is 160.3" wb, and the
  4. So, working on my problem child again.. 2008 MC 3500 SRW 6.7L 6MT 4WD.. Original tcase took a dump, due to a randomly-engaging 4wd motor. Truck has 150k / 6400hrs on it currently. Rebuilt the 273D tcase, replaced all gears, seals, bearings, chain, bushings, etc. shafts were fine. 7 moths later, it **** the bed, with the motor trying to engage 4WD randomly, regardless of speed; switch in 2WD position. Tried sourcing a local 271D and convert to manual shift. Couldn't find a 271D but found a 271F. VERY minimal differences in the two, with one being shift pattern and the other bei
  5. I'm not "brand-religious" (except for Dodge), so I don't care what name is on it, just wanna make sure whatever I get is dependable; be it Draw-Tite, B&W, Curt, Capt. Crunch, idc.
  6. From pictures, the Curt does look to be more 'stamped steel' ish..
  7. What's you guys' thoughts on brands, Curt vs B&W? They both seem to have same class weight (7500TW, 30K Total). the B&W looks to be built a little heavier, but I've never laid physical eyes on a Curt setup, so I can't really speak to them. From what I'm seeing, the Curt is about 75-100$ cheaper, on average. Thoughts?
  8. View Advert ISO underbed gooseneck for my 08 3500 Looking for a gooseneck hitch setup for my '08 3500. Prefer someith in the Mid-Atlantic area (WV/VA/MD/PA/NC kinda area).. LMK what you have, if you have anything Advertiser Rogan Date 08/14/2020 Price $123.45 Category 3rd Generation Dodge Ram
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    Looking for a gooseneck hitch setup for my '08 3500. Prefer someith in the Mid-Atlantic area (WV/VA/MD/PA/NC kinda area).. LMK what you have, if you have anything


    , Virginia

  10. I know with my beater 2008 Malibu and my wife's GLK350, it was all about bulb-clocking. If it's not at 3-9 with the LEDs, it'll scatter horribly. However, both of those are single-element bulb-design (H7, H11). With the 2/3G Ram, it's dual-element, which I've had no experience with.
  11. Yeah, I generally use my 28oz deadblow hammer. Sometimes (often) it won't separate the halves, though. My buddy made a tool that would spread tongs apart (kinda like a scissor-jack or snap-ring pliers) to fit between the lugs on the tcase, but he can't find it now.. it worked like a boss!
  12. We'll see how hard it is to get back apart. Wasn't but a couple of years ago, I tore in to this thing, last time, when I converted it from electric to manual select... I think the chain has stretched.. It pops a lot under 4WD load.. sounds like maybe the gears are hopping in the chain.. Yes, I put new gears and chain in it last time.. FML. Must be all that HP/TQ lol
  13. Anyone have any pointers or tool suggestions for splitting the NVG 271D/F tcase housing? I am about to tackle one this weekend. I've done about 4 or 5, but I always struggle with getting the halves to split. Is there a tool or something I can make that will go between the lugs on the halves, to spread the pieces apart? I've always used a hammer, punch, wood, whatever I can get my hands on to beat them apart.. I'd like maybe a simpler solution. Thanks.
  14. Trying to rebuild a 6.7L in an 08. Been trying to get rod and main bearings, head gasket set, lower gasket set, and rings.. Been trying since June. Everyone lists parts as "available", but when you order, suddenly, there's no inventory... Apparently, Clevite 77, Mahle, etc, are hoarding their Cummins stock for some reason.. It's aggravating as hell..
  15. I'm sure there has to be quite a bit of temp difference from stock airbox vs bhaf, just given the design.
  16. thanks, Michael. I guess I'll order a Donadlson and give it a go. Prolly easier than finding/buying/shipping a used airbox.
  17. Meh, I fixed it. the harness wasn't really seated well.. LOL
  18. We've got a 2008 MCSB 6.7L G56 with electric tcase. We had tons of issues with the 4WD over the past couple years with the transfer case shifting. After a few replaced decoder motor replacements, I said 'eff it' and swapped the 273 for a 271 from an 07 model. I put the floor shifter in, linkage, etc. 4WD works flawless now, and have had zero issues, since.. With the exception of the SERV 4WD light on (for obvious reasons). This has been the case since day 1 of the swap. So I thought "what if I just stick the motor from the original 273 under there, tie it up, and plug it i
  19. I agree 100%. But the other oddity was that both trucks I worked on were 2001s, both 04/2001..
  20. In my two scenarios, all cables were replaced, FL, Alternator, etc., and testing proved to be the ECM internal circuits.
  21. I'm just trying to determine what 3gen guys have experienced with light output and beam cleanliness. I've read a lot of reviews that the JDM A-Stars seem to be really good for a dual-beam LED. I know clocking the bulb is very important, as well. I just bought new headlight housings for the truck as well (OEM style, nothing fancy or weird).
  22. Any of you 3G truck owners run LED headlight bulbs? If so, what's your recommendation, as to brands,, etc? I put new headlight housings in my 07, but the new halogen 55/60s just seem dull, still. I put Win Power H7s in my wife's GLK350 and they are insanely good in those housings.. Perfect OEM beam, and bright enough to make flowers bloom at midnight But hers are single beams, whereas the 9008/H13 are dual beam. Interwebs says Morimotos, but I'm not dropping $140 on a pair of bulbs, no way - no how.
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