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  1. I am dealing with a continuous unlocking issue (even after fob batteries removed) but have yet to start physically digging into the truck. I did find the TSB 08-023-03 : http://starparts.chrysler.com/tsb/en_us/dto/pbd2/08/00/22/080022dc8137f5ec.pdf When I search online for the TSB switches (56049284AA & 56049285AA) the cross-reference tool states it will not fit on my 2001 Ram Quad Cab. I will hopefully follow up with my solution but felt this is the place to post my findings. UPDATE: Moot point I guess....parts are discontinued
  2. Just to follow up: my surging was a due to a loose MAP sensor connection. Cleaned, greased, done. Still bought parts and plan to accomplish W-T mods.
  3. For reference: G107 is ground I mentioned. Looks like I found the proper home using logic. Additionally; take note the proximity of CPS location versus where you are tugging...Seems to be quite close. This being said, are you absolutely sure you're getting fuel? The VP plug is right there too...I believe both of those could cause a crank no start condition. In what condition is your overflow valve on the VP44? After my truck sat for a while through the rebuild, the ball was happily nested in the seat causing a crank no start. I took it off, pushed in the ball, shot it with brake clean, started right up. Check it out.
  4. I guess I would like to know where exactly your hand is on the harness when you are moving it around. Have you taken a good look at the surrounding areas for broken ground wires/connectors? I have a ground wire bolted to the block to the immediate rear of the ECM plug. Not sure if this is stock since I purchased the truck with blown engine in the bed but the workshop manual should have some diagrams. I did not confirm with manual but this seemed like the most reasonable location and fit perfectly. CHECK CONTINUITY first between ECM and sensors. Get jiggy with the harness while the meter is connected and observe. Likely a 2 person job but I rarely receive help. You can do this. I doubt it is a bad ECM but could be wrong. Start simple.
  5. Sounds like a plug or harness issue for sure. Make sure all the connectors are properly secured in the ECM plug. Next step is to chase cam/crank sensor harness for damage but start with continuity tests. I am not a big "new diesel" fan but congratulations on the new truck!
  6. Thank you for the response. I will reply to your email.
  7. Interesting. I contacted them Friday and waiting to hear back. Did the new quad connect reliably?
  8. Thank you for the reply. Now dealing with a P0237 code and it would be great if the Quad actually worked to monitor & assist in diagnosis. I have yet to run through the voltage checklist & don't want to get off topic. Should I contact Quad? Can I expect assistance from them?
  9. I do not believe so. I think the ECM gets ground from a wire but I will have to check wiring diagrams to confirm. If you jiggled some wires and it temporarily solved the issue; I would have someone sit in the cab while running and do the same to see if there are any effects.
  10. I am not well versed in electronics but I am an ME. Is this something you can fix with the heat gun trick or contact Quad to make it right? UPDATE: Plugged a warm BT module into the truck this morning & connected immediately. Within 2 minutes of 27 deg F weather it disconnected & did not register as available.
  11. Injector timing is obviously directly related to your CPS and CKP. You should add more info in your sig but I assume this is an auto trans? I would first check continuity on your grounds & follow with a connector cleaning (NOT BRAKE CLEAN) & dielectric. If you fiddled with the wires and it helped....I would guess you located the vicinity of the problem.
  12. UPDATE: I am almost certain cold temperature is affecting my connection: The weather has been at or below 32 deg. F for the past week and zero connectivity. Today, I took the truck out to pick up some lunch with temperatures in the mid 40s and boom....connected right up. How does one explain that? I truly believe my issue is with temperatures since I ONLY have issues in the cold. Tonight I will unplug the BT module and keep it toasty inside until tomorrow's commute & report back.
  13. Thank you guys for chiming in. Since the cold snap my quad has not been connecting/loading anyway so I presume it reverts to stock quad tune if no bt connectivity (could very well be mistaken). I also found I had massive vacuum leaks so working on that currently. Next is to perform the W-T & PCM wiring mods and move to installing my EMF ball joints. My surging problem is intermittent but I will report back for the record. Thanks again.
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