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  2. can you post the link to the latest flash? it looks like some things have moved around. Also, it would be nice to track revisions and changes just saying. lol Thanks bro Nevermind I found it, I just hope the .apk is updated lol
  3. @Me78569 Hey man, The tune repository is a great idea! can you give me a quick run down on the latest flash? any new features since the March Flash? Sorry Ive been off a while got divorced and all.
  4. Mike, I figured out the same thing but its harder to pinpoint this with 7x.010 injectors. I'm down to tuning the cruise timing in .25* increments to get it right. can anyone post a video of injector rattle on a 24Valve?
  5. What device are you using? phone? tablet? I use a dedicated Android tablet velcroed to the sunvisor
  6. Could be a VP issue, I looked at a 2nd gen with a similar miss at 2000 rpms
  7. @Me78569 @Mopar1973Man @TFaoro Quick question, don't want to start a new thread, I put 6 qts. of Mopar GL-4 in my NV4500, it was low, shifting weird I think the guy who rebuilt/owned before me used the wrong oil. Basically I pumped in 6 qts through the top PTO bolt hole which is about 1/2" higher than the fill port. Thoughts?
  8. @Alexio Auditore If you buy a new quad with I quad, you will need to flash the V2 software yourself. The new quads all have V2 capability, you just have to follow @Me78569's Instructions and load the new app and firmware to the quad.
  9. @Me78569 I need to get serious and get to the track with a go pro and boost gauge in view, I think there are a few scales that need tweaking, but from what I can see, under 0 load conditions IE Neutral, X amount of fuel + Timing = Y Rpm, so regardless of injector size, the ECM will pull fuel message to keep the rpm where desired. With that logic, it makes sense that in highway conditions, Injector size A will flow Xy amount of fuel to maintain RPM, and Injector size B will also flow Xy amount of fuel to maintain RPM, the only difference will be in the fuel message from the ECM.
  10. The highway tune is smokier in city driving, but is completely clean on PL 2 on the highway. See the PDF's for my tunes, I am running 5* cruise timing on the highway tune to get the fuel to burn. Quad Tune Calculator.pdf @Me78569
  11. I had a similar miss when I got the truck out of the shop, only at idle, never under power. I bled the lines 3-4 times and it ended up going away. at first I thought it was trapped air, but now I more or less believe it was a VP issue. Hasn't acted up since, but was a bad miss when it happened
  12. Nice, and you don't have to deal with the dually crap!
  13. Yeah if only I could get that all the time! South florida has no hills so its a little easier I guess. @Me78569 what are you getting on the highway? I bet the VGT turbo helps.
  14. truck stop to truck stop on I-75, over two weeks. One day I drove 48 Miles to work on 1.94 Gallons of fuel. But it was 10PM and I didn't have to slow down at all. The big injectors don't like a ton of timing if you pull fuel %. my smokeless tune for city driving is crappy on mileage because the starting canbus % is 83% and it dogs hard on the Load and TPS Pretty much I am driving 600 - 650 miles between 31 gallon fill ups on the regular, as long as I keep my foot out of it.
  15. And officially averaging 23.82 MPG in south florida, Highway tune Cruise timing 2* Canbus fuel starting % 100% up to 10PSI Average cruise timing = 18.50 - 19.50* depending on speed. Typically cruising at 70 MPH Also, only running PL2 on these trips and cruising flat turn pike or I-75 at 4psi boost
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