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  1. s10010001


  2. yup, 0.012.. thats pretty good if you ask me
  3. s10010001

    Time for a new Alternator

    Updating this thread too in in case someone is searching here and see this. Go to the Nations alternator in today. .012. Pretty good. I did have to drill the charge lead hole a bit bigger, but it was quick and easy.
  4. Follow up on this, I finally got around to installing it. .012, holy crap, I measured my old alternator just before I pulled it and it was .042.
  5. Ouch, that’s 20 hours for me...
  6. Well hot damn... good stuff man. Very interesting. edit: I’ll start saving my pennies for a built trans edit2: where is @Dynamic shop? I wish I knew of a knowledgeable builder down here in so-cal. But I’m willing to make a vaca for a new trans at some point if it means I get a good one. (And it’s on the west coast haha)
  7. But arnt the “built” VBs just pre-shift kitted setups? id love a built trans, then I can boost some hp. But I just had mine rebuilt, billet TC and some vb work he did on his own. (Like flow in Park) so I’m stuck with it until I get my money out of it. How about a pre built vb? Worth the time on a stock (billit tc) trans?
  8. No heated debate, we’re not sensitive here right guys? hehe. I’m just going off what I have heard and read. It does see a bit odd that a 100$ kit can do much to a trans that dodge couldn’t dont from the factory. I was just just genuinely wonder why. I guess to me it seems like a good simple upgrade. Like a billet tc and shift kit to make a stocking truck happy.
  9. Everything I have read says the Transgo SK TFOD-DISEL is the best one. But I'm all ears. Edit: don’t get me wrong, a built trans is the way to go but isn’t a well built vb the heart of a good trans? And isn’t a shift kit a key component? Again, I’m no expert, all ears.
  10. I got em on amazon, I think they were 45 for both of them. I just wish I bought the 72” not the 60”. Theses fit, nearly perfect, but I could have routed the better with 12 more inches. Ohh well..
  11. lol that’s pretty legit actually. I was considering just putting my gauge under the hood to check from time to time some since I’m on a mechanical pump... but ended up keeping it on the pillar just because.. but yea, yours sounds cool haha.
  12. s10010001

    High resolution cameras and uploading photos

    Oh yeah for sure, I’ve actually been against using those sites for a long time Fearing exactly what happened. I always use my own hosted storage, or nowadays cloud storage of my own. I just can’t see how to embed an image on this board from an Extertal source .
  13. s10010001

    High resolution cameras and uploading photos

    Question on hosting.. is there a way I can host image from a 3rd party, like OneDrive? (I wouldn't use a silly "imaging hosting" site.) 25mb is kinda small, im not there yet but I tend to post picture examples a lot.
  14. Phhhhhh https://5vdnyw.bn.files.1drv.com/y4m9mKc4AdOSJ_N0S-Fcoj_e9FEmLUgO5eyUepPA1zWFOU-19aJQc5bYAuc3H_spXzKfNfwKbLKpxpK0chBnF0liMij-Bm-b8_p3J3YABgsoDG_1vbmcKqv_48Lm-cKekgcUORE7Ueqpz4EklR3Wy_bElZ5ItlA1SBgokOXc5kzLmVYbzhefRSkPJSXm_tZ9I3GwsMiBd5ougO3lkkdgTmV2A?width=3024&height=4032&cropmode=none
  15. I run ISSPRO mechanical too (ev1) I had some problems with the compression fitting, it created a bit of rattling in the gauge too. I changed over to -4an steel line and they have been perfect. I also run fuel straigh to the gauge. No issues with it. Run a snubber and needle valve and even if it did leak it would be drips. I had a leak once I smelled it well before it even leaked enough to drip off the line. Also i I find the isolators a pita to setup, not worth the time and clutter.