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  1. joeld79


  2. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/kenwood-apple-ipod-and-satellite-radio-ready-in-dash-receiver-black/4900976.p?skuId=4900976&cmp=RMX&ref=17&loc=11&CampaignID=833901&SubscriberID=485446900 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000J1FADM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 CD's are becoming obsolete, I just installed this and am loving it, connects 2 bluetooth devices at once so i can have my personal and work phone to take calls while listening to music/podcast on other phone. Hands free setup works great, plenty of power to my 6x9's that i installed too, ran new wire to get around the infinity rats nest. Stock rear speaks and a 500w amp and rockford fosgate punch 12" sub behind my seat keeps the cummins rattlin my brain at bay
  3. socket wedge 194, ebay or amazon for a couple bucks for 4
  4. i did the same and swapped in a LED bulb, most important gauge needs to be the brightest!
  5. joeld79

    Factory alarm question

    that's how I avoid the old lady, no missed calls in my call log, sorry babe Verizon must be having some issues...
  6. joeld79

    Factory alarm question

    you may have to unplug your batteries for a short time to try and reset the ctm, i had just the key and once the tamper honk had was triggered and never reset by the fob i could not start truck, well it would start and shut right off
  7. joeld79

    Factory alarm question

    I want to disable the alarm system all together, as if no alarm feature. Is there a way to do that. I'm not happy with a truck that honks the horn constantly just for using a key in the door. wrap the ctm in foil like my post earlier, it blocks out the radio frequencies that are affecting the 3 honk tamper alarm. This is not a tin foil hat conspiracy, the suggested fix came from Chrysler
  8. joeld79

    Factory alarm question

    take the CTM out, wrap in foil tape from home depot, never hear 3 honks again. The radio frequency dodge used was vulnerable to other radio devices such as keyfobs, police/fire radios, motion activated doors, etc and will trigger the tamper honk.