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  2. Hello, I am having issues with step one and two. (similar to the issue above however I'm getting less results than he is) I have windows ten and step one would not bring up a box so i did the settings manually as if a 8.1 so i would assume and hope that is all good. When i got to step two I had the same issue, the box comes up briefly, not even long enough to see the box load, and then it shuts down, i can not use my quad (v2 custom tuning for VP44) until I flash it as the app crashes for one and when on any power level above 0 it has the rough high idle symptoms which it sounds like two flashes will cure this, thankfully. I just need to get past the PC issue. Please help me out when convenient the truck is not a daily or anything of necessity so it can sit until this is resolved. I have insured the cable is a data transfer cable, the box makes a chime on the PC, I am considering starting over on an older lap top with windows 7. Think I will try it real quick and post results, it probably will be an issue with my PC alone. I have friends with Cummins who would like to use Quadzilla due to the infamous reputation they had in the past and i would really like to be able to keep them swayed away from edge products like the one i just took out. Lastly I would like to thank Quadzilla for delivering the diesel community with this amazing tuning technology, I am excited to see what it can do to benefit having DAP 100HP injectors and a super B!
  3. BobTheRepairMan


    Now that i think of it im not sure why my truck hasnt had an electrical fire, the wire i grounded goes from that box to the start relay control circuit. made the NO BUS go away. Wires black and white and i cant find a wiring diagram of the fuse box and relays everything within. I recalled having done that last year and it made my edge work it had been failing to connect and start, hadnt had a no bus issue before, ever. i rechecked that looking for any pulled pins in fuse box and just made a better more sealed connection with longer wire, figured battery pulled it out. Edge still does not connect and yes i had a old kinked return line with dried cow dung covering it. got a spool of 1/2" fuel line so i can make it more gooder. Bottom line truck runs fine now i have to do head and IP return seals, has ANYONE replaced with regular JIC at the T and use regular SAE banjo fitting to rid them selves of dodges failed attempt at hydraulics? Im thinking when i pull the return banjo in back of the head im going to see if i can replace it with something of more quality, I very cleanly replaced the washers last year and O ring hose BS in the T fitting and i still have a leak UNDER LOAD ONLY Apologies for long drawn out sentences long day im rambling now eating and then showering in my sleep, thank you all for replies and input, I'll be back. Im referring to splitting it open and the wire that goes from control circuit of start relay, very first one i think, goes into bottom of that box thats bolted down. I can double check stuff tomorrow im hittin the hay, again thanks all
  4. BobTheRepairMan


    truck fired up i opened the fuse box up and tested ground for that little power bus or whatever it is, in fuse panel its called inline 6. made a jumper wire and grounded it, no bus, primed injectors and it coughed to life! (relief) Now i have a new issue where the FASS titanium 150 has maxed my pressure gauge out to 30?! never ever had this happen, air in lines would cause it to be lower wouldnt it? running a isspro mechanical
  5. Hello fellow cummins nuts, this week my truck has made me feel mentally challenged, started with edge not connecting but truck started and ran, then it went to a no bus and i could still read codes which it had none, Today the truck will not crank, OBD2 will not connect, batterys good, checked the PDC box in the main fuse box and it has ground (Encountered no ground there before) i am puzzled as to where to look right now and im also having issues opening links to moparmans 2001 wiring diagrams, Ive searched this issue and clicked on them with a page not found every time. Dash lights work headlights work gauges appear to not work as it reads 0 volts, My thoughts are ecm has no power or no ground and i know this has to be a simple ANY insight or ANY working wiring diagram links for the engine compartment particularly the wiring from PDC to ECM and PCM would be hugely appreciated i'm curently trying to track every ground on block and chassis and clean it in hopes