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  1. harg432@msn.com


    Complete disassembled main shaft nut loose-- washer hitting 5th gear syncro fork (aluminum) replaced nut -shift fork- 5th gear on main shaft
  2. harg432@msn.com


    I have aluminum flakes in my NV4500 oil looks like metallic paint What can be wrong? What is aluminum in the transmission?
  3. harg432@msn.com

    auto to 5 speed

    Contact Bob Wagner Paid $100 for reprogram ECU Had problems with Smarty Had to reset Smarty with magic numbers Works great made 8500 trip to East coast no problems
  4. harg432@msn.com

    auto to 5 speed

    Bought Smarty did not say anything about choosing a transmission
  5. harg432@msn.com

    auto to 5 speed

    thank you will any programmer do this
  6. Converted 2001 diesel to 5 speed no cruise cut black with white tracer The check engine light with code P1899 " P/N stuck in park or gear" then the truck would govern to 1700 RPM until code is cleared Help