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  2. Interesting how increased stretch would change peak power and how long power stays on. Yea since this dyno ive now been testing on what is best fuel stretch. Yea ive noticed a slight diff in 23 to 24 and at 3000 i havent tested too much. Also another thing to note, is the guy stopped right at 3100, soon as it got there the power dropped off quite a bit and didnt really want to go too much further.
  3. Couldnt figure out which thread to post new v2 info o found out on the dyno so figured id use my thread and tag the v2 guru. So did 3 pulls, wish i had done more but oh well. 1st pull one of by basic race tunes with 19* at 2000 23* 2500 26* 3000. The chart shows low mph but at 74 mph its actually 95, max rpm was 3100 starting was roughly 2000 rpm. This is run #1 Run #2, adjusted timing to 14* 1500 20* 2000 24* 2500 27* 3000. Peak horsepower not much change but the advantage on my truck was power on little faster, the charr showed a much smoother power curve, and kept a extra 30 horse be
  4. I see, well thats good to know. Havent had that code(yet). Lol
  5. I see, thanks for all the great info really enjoy learning the v2 tuning. Okay is it possible that failing vp can retard or advance or not really? Id heard something about it but wasnt sure. I see, mine where just smokey, always grey ish smoke hardly ever bacl except for when i had used a smarty s03. Yea lol thats why i originaly bought em, then power adiction got worse. Just checked it out very helpful!
  6. Sweet thats good to know, i figured woukdnt be a issue with studs but cant be too safe when i get close to 70lbs of boost wot. Havent played with the load timing reduct but ill give that a go as well. Is the bucking from too much timing? Ive had that happen at mid throttle higher rpm. I recently started using the low load timing adv and that made a huge difference for mine. Cruising a 4-6% grade id get to 1000+ egt(not towing) now when i use that it sits at like 22-23 egts are 700-850 doing 70-75. Was amazed how much difference that made. Yea not a problem, mine actually does amazingly well si
  7. So ive been doing a lot of playing around with the v2, and one tricky thing that i would like to get other opinions and ideas of what they run for more power is the timing adjustment per rpm. Im curious what others have found to be the best for power but within safe range of course. Ive tried a few different mixes but i feel other opinions and what others have tried will help. Also is it possible for the vp44 timing electronic to advance or retard timing? Thanks for the input
  8. Lol wish i was smart enough to ask the experts before i made my purchases 2 twin kits and 3 sets of injectors later.... lesson learned!
  9. Well case closed finally, turns out the last twin kit interstage pipe probably was the culprit in the boost cut off. As for 56lbs of boost, well what's the odds of 3 boost preassure guage all having max reading of 56.... granted one is off map sensor, but one is glowshift 0-60 guage, one is the quad, and last is unknown max snow performance water meth. So yea anyways stuck a air chuck on them and learned the problem. Explains why been blowing boots now. Thanks for help, shity that it was so simple lol
  10. Lol well I'm back at it again, replaced the intercooler with mishimoto, It ended up not being the fix for my issue though I know my old Ic was leaking so wasn't a complete loss. I installed my dp guage, and ratio in the low end is around 1.1 and then as soon as it high 56 boost my dp still goes up, hit 70psi on so guage then blew a boot on hot side of intercooler. That being said I must still have a leake? But I don't know where. Only thing I know that might and didn't show on leak test is intake plenum gasket. I did use a AutoZone one when I got the billet plenum. That or it's internal? Any t
  11. Okay I'm probably going to try a different set of injectors and see how they do, acorinding to diesel injector shop, the spray pattern is wider, and I guess that can cause problems. Pump shows no sighns of going out and it is a reman from previous owner. Any recommendations for injectors? Power goal is 600+ hp, don't tow much so looking for performance.
  12. Yea I agree, that's why I wish I wasn't being cheap and did more research before buying them. The 120s are 7x.09 I believe. Guess what I'm pretty much trying to find out is what would be a good fit, I understand big injectors especially 6x.013 will have a haze but these 7x.011 haze a lot, even more than the 6x.013 according to some of people's pics. Does it while cruising. It's clear these seem to waste a lot of fuel. Pretty much just looking for advice on what would work and what's good, I like the idea of 6 hole only cause the faster spool up. Yea I was hoping it could clean up the i
  13. Well think I finally figured it out, knock on wood. Ended up pulling everything off the front to do a solid check on intercooler and sure as **** and sure enough right behind the condenser, there's 4 spots that it was throwing steady bubbles at maybe 15 psi so thinking that gatta be the reason. Will find out in a week ordered a new intercooler.
  14. So I've bought a set of sac 7x.011 dap nozzles 7 months ago, had them sent to local injector shop, right off the bat they said they look cheaper(they are by a bit), and the spray angle is wider. Dap claims there 225 hp injectors. They seem to not be much better than the 120s from ii I had on before, maybe got a little more power, a nasty haze at idle and white cruising. On top of that comes out more white ish black than just black on take off. That being said I'm interested in the weston 6x.013s and wanted to see how good they are and if they are as dirty. Let me know what ya think. Thanks
  15. Yea I was possibly thinking a cracked intercooler, I'm going to do drive preassure test first since it's cheap and eliminate possibility of under fueling then look into that. Yea tried that on last twin kit, didn't change the one I have now is brand new.
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