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  1. They definitely purr... I had it on the road for an hour today for the commute and the thing just runs nasty I can't even believe the difference those injectors made over my old dap's...she fuels hard and spools almost instantly...im still shocked i lost almost 200° egts and i went way bigger
  2. Is that a bad symptoms?now im stressing🤢
  3. What does that mean I know nothing about that injector business hahaha
  4. I just talked to him he put my set at 300 bar
  5. Im at 5000 feet...weston recommended a 7x.011sac to me... let me see if I can find the screenshots both him and ducky told me no go on the 6 by 13s because of elevation and pulling my heavy camp trailer Both of their decisions were based off of Towing and elevation... I've talked to a few people about them not recommending the six hole in everyone seems really shocked Fyi im not bashing them at all...i think its actually pretty awesome that they just didnt sell me something because i wanted it... they sold me something that would be the most efficient for my setup at a much cheaper price than the 6 x13's... they both are amazing companies in my book now most businesses would have just sold you the most expensive product haha
  6. Nope not at all...the retainers and keepers slid off the valves like butter when the springs started to compress. I would imagine the valves would push down on the Piston if they were stuck but it was such a slick process I was shocked. I was absolutely terrified to do it and it was by far one of the easiest things I've done but time consuming
  7. Yes exactly,sharpie mark and good to go... and it was super easy it only took me 4 hours to do the seals valve springs pushrods but pushrods were Wicked easy haha....and never compare your truck to a 6.0😂😂😂😂
  8. I really wanted the six by 13s really really bad and he told me no due to my high elevation Towing hahaha. I would say I'm 90% satisfied but a dream is mine of having six by 13 so I should have just done it but didn't want to go against his recommendations Hahaha yep you're 100% right as I bet you knew you were. What help me understand it easier is whatever two cylinders together equal 7 is the ones you do at a time. I used a small wooden dowel to make sure I was top dead center on each pair just so I didn't drop a valve
  9. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone over the last few months for all the help...finally got the rig where i think it should be I got the 63/68/12 /s475 setup dialed...ditched the smarty for a new comp box hot unlock...tapped the vp44 with a stealth cover...ditched the dap 7x.09 for some dfi 7x12's (idle is amazing and egt is 200° lower not sure how its possible lol)...valve springs,manton pushrods,headstuds...its cost me a small fortune but im now almost done minus the shock tower deletes and steed speed,thanks again to everyone that helped along the way...you guys rock
  10. Jonny

    Injector ash

    Ok thank you...i will stop worrying... also the ones in the pictures you posted what causes that? Those look horrible
  11. Jonny

    Injector ash

    You can see the small chunks on the cloth...
  12. Jonny

    Injector ash

    So i just pulled the injectors again 3 months later to upgrade...they were all full of carbon deposits again..been running 2 stroke since my original post in feb... so that tells me that it wasn't the optilube. Do you think it could be direct relation to the smarty?
  13. Jonny

    Quadzilla iQuad bluetooth issues

    Ok thanks.since i got you here will my high idle kit i got from you be disabled if i buy this quad?i love it by the way
  14. Jonny

    Quadzilla iQuad bluetooth issues

    Any updates on fixing this...im ready to buy a quad and this isnt making me too impressed
  15. awesome thank you everyone for the input...looks like that is what im going to go with is the adrenaline.can yall put together a list of everything i need?looks like i biy my own monitor?any specific brand Awesome i got a buddy with a ez for sale...can i run it with the smarty or is that a no go? Sorry not sure why it quoted all of that haha