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  1. Jonny


  2. Thank you for the explanation....i ended up selling mine and bought a hot unlocked comp....Im so dang satisfied now i will never look for another box again lol
  3. Jonny

    Oil bypass

    Well no 3rd port for me. I will take the advice and see if I can find one on the driver side
  4. Jonny

    Oil bypass

    Ok thank you...but i cant tap into any turbo port...was told by the turbo maker that it was a big no no
  5. Jonny

    Oil bypass

    Only 2 on mine...crap
  6. Anybody with twin turbos running and oil bypass? I pulled the trigger on an Amsoil kit but I'm running a twin setup so not sure where to get my oil feed. I've heard of people putting a t in the filter housing ports but im worried i will starve a turbo of the needed oil
  7. Has anyone ran a baldwin b50 on a 2nd gen 24v for a oil bypass? Just found a kit locally for super cheap and was wondering if it was worth it. Been doing some research and the info is kind of iffy if the hole size in the filter is too big?
  8. Jonny

    Edge comp

    Thanks guys...so is that too high?head gasket killer?
  9. Anyone have edge comp data logs?curious as to what timing maxes out at?
  10. They definitely purr... I had it on the road for an hour today for the commute and the thing just runs nasty I can't even believe the difference those injectors made over my old dap's...she fuels hard and spools almost instantly...im still shocked i lost almost 200° egts and i went way bigger
  11. Is that a bad symptoms?now im stressing🤢
  12. What does that mean I know nothing about that injector business hahaha
  13. I just talked to him he put my set at 300 bar
  14. Im at 5000 feet...weston recommended a 7x.011sac to me... let me see if I can find the screenshots both him and ducky told me no go on the 6 by 13s because of elevation and pulling my heavy camp trailer Both of their decisions were based off of Towing and elevation... I've talked to a few people about them not recommending the six hole in everyone seems really shocked Fyi im not bashing them at all...i think its actually pretty awesome that they just didnt sell me something because i wanted it... they sold me something that would be the most efficient for my setup at a much cheaper price than the 6 x13's... they both are amazing companies in my book now most businesses would have just sold you the most expensive product haha