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  1. Awesome thank you,so sw3 with torque man 3 timing 2 and dur 2 would be a good start?
  2. Sorry i need to figure out how to put mods on my sig...truck is a 00 with 63 68 turbo,arp 2000 studs,103lb springs,hdpushrods,125hp injectors,airdog,dd clutch
  3. Sorry im new to all this,i just been using the set settings and zero revo stuff.would i benefit from adjusting things?not too sure how i feel about messing with timing ive heard thats a headgasket killer.like i said im new to this sorry if i sound stupid just trying to learn
  4. Thanks for the input,im just going to leave it how it is for now.its been like that for a few yrs and havent had a issue.i loved my smarty,but nowdays everyone is saying they are junk.
  5. Awesome,thank you very much.the reason i ask is that the truck had level 3 programmed and the smarty got ripped off..so thats where she be stuck at ha ha.thanks again for the fast response.i will order wed.
  6. Ok perfect,so it wont cause any problems leaving the level 3 software in the truck while using your high idle switch
  7. Hello im new to the site.i got a 00 that has a smarty on level 3 indefinitely,will this high idle work in conjunction with the smarty?thanks