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  1. Alright so after messing with it, I redid the pump tap with the BD stealth cover and have not had problems since. Hopefully this help someone Rock n roll
  2. Trombly


  3. Attached data log Thanks again iQuad-2018-10-08-02.20.02.csv
  4. One more for you: Did the jumper removal and now my quad will randomly drop boost, back probed everything on the MAP side and am not getting any drop out, any suggestions?
  5. Youre awesome! That was it, here’s the link for anyone else http://quadzillapower.com/after-market-adrenaline/#Dodge1998 Thanks again!
  6. Ya with a cummins sensor Messed with it some more and found the quad would starting reading 1 psi when the actual psi was 16
  7. Have a 1999 2500 Cummins 4x4 auto, installed the quadzilla adrenaline and all was working good then the boost started intermittently dropping out and now shows no boost, wondering if anyone else has run into this? I did back probe the quad and the MAP sensor voltage matches what the snap on scanner is reading as well. Sent the module in already and they said everything is fine and sent it back Thanks for any help
  8. Noticed this forum awhile ago and have the exact same problem with the shudder and then started noticing it cut out at highway speeds, worse pulling a trailer. I watched by quadzilla data display and noticed the boost randomly dropping to zero when the shudder occurers. I did replace boost sensor with oem Cummins part, going to hook up scanner to obdii port and see if the Cummins ECM is registering boost drop out as well. Thought it may help to throw my two cents in as well
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