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  1. No the right g gear turns fine it drives fine I just felt like the pinion was really tight i could spin it with one hand but it just seemed like it took more effort than it should have
  2. I just replaced the pinion and differential bearing in the rearend bir when I put the pinion back in it seemed really tight I can spin it by hand but I figured something with bearings on both sides would spin alot easier any I put or torque specs for the pinion nut?? I didnt torque it I didnt have a torque wrench at the time and was in a bind to get it going for work any help would be great.
  3. Rigtruck92


    I got the v2 tuning on it I'm pretty sure I can buy the bt adaptors and switch it right? Do I check for 12v while running
  4. Rigtruck92


    I just got the quad with the control pad ? So I dont think I can change any of the tunes
  5. Rigtruck92


    So I put a quadzilla on my truck today and I fell like it has more power but it wont smoke at all even on level 10 so I'm not sure of its hooked up right or maybe the wire tap to the pump isnt I. All the way I have no idea
  6. Well I put the new ecm on and it's working great
  7. Yes I will be doing that soon
  8. No they where hooked up and running they had 13.94 to each
  9. I have a 99 3500 4wd that I have put 2 pinion seals in within the last 2 months. It keeps eating the bottom half of the seal off not sure what's going on. The last time I put a seal in it I put a speedy sleeve in as well I'm not sure the issue any help would be great.
  10. I put a volt meter on the teuck again with the proper meter and it was ranging between .019 and. 007
  11. Ok I'll get them capped I think that could be the issue there was about 9" of wire hanging never really dawned on me to cut them back. Electrical is such a pain in the 🐴lol
  12. Ok so there is not light under the hood but the wires were there loosely and just kind of hanging what'sthe chances of it bouncing and making a connection then blowing the fuse ? I cut them back so they couldnt touch any thing
  13. So it would have to be a short in one of those lights or the data link connector
  14. My truck is a manual 5 speed so no I'm not having those issues. But I did wake up this morning and the iod fuse was blown again even though i didn't drive my truck after rrdoingvthe terminals on my battarey cables. I only started it for a minute Ol wo new update I changed the iod fuse this morning and while driving to work down a rough dirt road I hit a bump and it blew again this truck is driving me insane 🤬
  15. No the cruise control doesnt work it turns on but won't set. But I did just redo all the battery connections I'll check the starter and under the driver side battery