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  1. Frustrated 2001

    Frustrated 2001

  2. Dumb question here sorry, How many volts should the alternator put out? I get 13.8 to 14.1 I have no starting issues just want to know. 2001
  3. So I checked ac volts and I am at .05 volts. I am guessing my next steps would be Ground mod Diodes in the alternator And clean all other grounds.
  4. Thanks for the info I will work on it in a few days when I get a day off of work.
  5. Can I do this with a volt meter? Never mind I am reading the instructions now Sorry didn't realize there was a link there. My bad
  6. Ok thanks for the info looks like I will keep vp pump. I was wondering cause of intermittent power loss started a new discussion on that.
  7. I have power loss sometimes. Sometimes going down the road empty I am at 50% throttle to do 70 mph and turning 1700 rpms this is when I have power loss. ALSO EGTS GO UP TO 1200 AND BOOST GOES UP TO 28 When running good I am at 23% throttle to do 70 mph 1700 rpms. boost 9 ish and egts 650 ish Things I have changed. All electronic sensors. Vp pump has about 20000 miles on it. Updated the programmer and re flashed the eco in the truck. This problem comes and goes. I can be driving down the road and all of a sudden it loses power. Then maybe the next time I drive the truck it will have power again but not always. Really noticable while towing. somtimes it will run good for a month sometimes a day. Sometimes it runs bad for a month sometimes a day. When running bad it will get 6to7 mpg towing and 10 empty. When running good I get 11 towing and 16 empty. Which I am happy with I tow a 4500lbs all aluminum toy hauler and I will get passed by an f150 towing a larger trailer then me up a 3% grade. Very embarrassing. Any advice appreciated
  8. has anybody done a p-pump conversion on a daily driver on a 24 valve Cummins. I would like to know what all it entailed along with what all parts do you have to change injectors ect.
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