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  1. I have the 95gph. And it’s so quiet I’ve had to get out and check to see if it was even working more than once. I also like how the smaller filters don’t hang down so far. Mine wouldn’t have even been visible if I had measured my line correctly lol
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  3. Yes sir I understand all that that’s why I’ve bought the new pump, and the parts for the Guage on the way. I was just curious about the installion process because all the info online seems to pertain to trucks with retrofit pumps in the tank
  4. I just finished installing the quadzilla this evening and man am i happy with that choice. Brought the ole dually back to life and then some. I’m planning on installing my new Fass 95 signature series at some point this weekend. My truck has the pump on the block, per the instructions from Fass my fuel suction will be utilizing the factory setup. Now I’ve read about 1/4 tank issues and updating to a better draw straw..but what if I never run my fuel that low..do I still need to make this upgrade? Or am gonna need to go a different route?
  5. It took me hearing another truck start right next to mine to realize it was cranking slow. Replaced the starter..whoa lol
  6. And then some. My Grandfather purchased the truck in 2002 with 20k on the clock. Oil changed regularly...but that’s about it lol. Trans, diff, and coolant all untouched
  7. I know this has been discussed often on this forum. Pertaining to the oil that can be used and how many quarts. And forgive me if this is common knowledge. How do you actually go about the draining and refilling? It’s pretty caked up in 17 years of goo. Didn’t really know what to look for as far as drain plugs and where you pour the oil in. And if the recommended service interval is 50-60k. I’m only 260k overdo at this point. Let that math sink in lol
  8. Yeah that’s the plan. Just couldn’t afford for the truck be down while I attempted to rebuild my first ever starter lol The Amazon starter seems to crank really fast. But I know deep down the durability is gonna be no where near the factory unit which was giving it everything it had left at 302k. New starter Already makes a weird noise every so often 😂.
  9. UPDATE. I replaced the factory Denso. Starter with a made in China amazon replacement (I know I know) and it fired up almost immediately. Before I get grief for the amazon starter. I have an abundance of amazon gift cards I get as travel reward points. So it was free and I still have the factory Denso to rebuild at my convenience thanks so much everyone for your help. So relieved it wasn’t the VP44 I didn’t realize just how slow mine was cranking until I heard another 2nd gen start up at the gas station. Several people told me personally it was the starter. I blamed the vp44 after my whole two days of research. I became a Cummins expert in record time 😂
  10. That’s very possible. 17 years and 300k miles is a lot of cranking. Only code is the p0500 (I believe) which is wheel sensor related. A non VP44 issue would be a relief.
  11. Is that normal for a stock pump to overpressure during crank? Still a little difficult to start if it’s allowed to heat soak for 10-15 minutes. Also believe the starter could be weak. Brand new batteries and still cranks kinda sluggish
  12. I’ve searched quite a bit for info on this subject. But it always seems to pertain to trucks with after market lift pumps. My truck still has the stock lift pump. Are these hard starts still a VP issue? Truck runs just fine. For now I’ve installed a toggle switch off the ground wire of the stock pump. As long as the pump isn’t running starts right up I’ve yet to install a fuel pressure gauge which I know is a must. Was also looking for suggestions on a good one and wear to hook it up
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