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  1. Just to follow up on this, after unplugging my Quad to send in, my bucking issue has stopped.
  2. I've reflashed the box, same issue. Waiting for tech support to get back to me.
  3. This past weekend I pulled the injectors looking for anything obvious. Everything seemed alright. Now I know what the issue is, and I'm embarrassed I didn't figure it out sooner. Turns out the problem is with my Quad. If I set the power level to 0, truck runs beautifully, no stutter, no smoke (I should clarify, no blue smoke). Kicking it into level 1 it seems as though there is a slight stutter while accelerating, and in level 2 I will get the full blown stutter and cloud of smoke. I can hold speed while it's occurring, kick into level 0 and it instantly disappears. I've been testing this theory for the last several days, and it seems to be solid. Although I'm not quite sure where to go from here. Also, I've deleted the Iquad app several times, and it still crashes anytime I try to export something. However it still loads all my tunes and preferences when reinstalled, so it seems like it's not fully uninstalling
  4. View Advert Broken fass or airdog filter base Anyone have a broken fass or airdog that they are willing to part with? Just hoping to find the filter assembly, motor and pump can be broken or missing. Advertiser Bojon Date 08/05/2019 Price Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram
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    Anyone have a broken fass or airdog that they are willing to part with? Just hoping to find the filter assembly, motor and pump can be broken or missing.


  6. @Me78569 yes the issue is still there. I'm leaning towards some leak. When it happens it's a light load situation, doesn't happen when getting on it or towing. Once boost comes on it clears. Thinking I'll pull the injectors and see if there is anything obvious
  7. Just cut about an inch of threads off one side of the drag link. It worked without doing so, but the steering wheel was off 45°. After cutting I had plenty of space to adjust
  8. That's the one. @Mopar1973Man I've always used moog, was brought up that way. Shame they moved.
  9. I now believe that @Mopar1973Man is right, my hard start issue looks like a leak. We moved and now that I'm parking on flat ground the issue is gone. Still trying to chase down exactly where the issue lies. However my other issue is worsening. I was trying to gather some data while in my driveway and while throttling up to 1500 RPM's it started missing (best way I can describe it) and blowing blue smoke. I'm kind of at a loss right now. Engine doesn't appear to have excessive blowby, it passes the oil cap test. Maybe it's sucking oil in somewhere, and that is the cause of the stumble as well. But to be clear, this seems to only happen above idle, and below 1500 RPM.
  10. Tried exporting some logs, but that feature is crashing my app as well
  11. I used Tunebuilder to rebuild what I'm running, so hopefully I didn't screw that up. Economy.json
  12. The App was updated July 23. I'm fairly certain the Quad is up to date. If I'm showing a build date on the app does that still mean it's the most current? My phone (Galaxy S8) updated a few days ago. The export was working correctly last I tried, around a month ago.
  13. The export button is currently crashing the app for me. I'll paste it the hard way when I'm sitting in front of a computer later.
  14. Can I damage anything setting t too low? I've already dropped it to 12°
  15. I'm having an issue with my Quad when I'm lugging the engine. So just to be clear when I say I'm lugging the engine I'm not talking about low RPM high throttle, I mean very light throttle while navigating traffic. At any rate, when the engine is around 1200 RPM's I'm having an issue where the Quad is advancing timing to the point of bucking. I've been able to verify this issue in my driveway, switching between lvl 0 and lvl 2 I can watch the timing jump roughly 2°. I thought the Quad didn't alter timing until 1500 RPM?
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