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  1. I have a ecm from a 98.5 manual. Came on the engine I picked up. I have zero clue what its worth. Posted this on CF for $200. Make an offer.
  2. Well I found the problem with the block today. The number 5 cylinder has a small notch out of the top of the cylinder wall. It is above the travel of the rings by .06 or so. Looks like it was there from the factory. Almost looks machined out. Maybe a screw up at the factory that slipped past? cant post pics from my phone.
  3. 8 grand seems high to me. How many hours of labor are they charging you?
  4. I picked up a complete engine for $1000. Going to pull it apart and see about making one good engine with the parts I have. I would do it myself. But the engine is just to big and heavy to deal with. Im taking it to the engine shop I used to work at. Im off for the winter. So my old boss is letting me work off the labor.
  5. All the cracks I have seen were pretty easy to see. The coolant stains the block pretty good. Doesnt matter either way. Im putting a mexican block back in. will magnaflux the 53 block. Then maybe get a few dollars for it.
  6. Geno's garage has them for $41.95. The hardest part was getting the plug out. That thing was really stuck in there.
  7. I think it was $60. Got it from snap-on. Just added it to my ever growing truck account. made turning the engine over to bring my converter bolts into position very easy. Then holds the engine from turning while you loosen the bolts.
  8. Got the bad engine out of the truck today. I cant find this crack anywhere. The guy I bought the truck from says it has a chunk out of it. Somehow im over looking it. Or it isnt there. It was nice to verify the torque converter. I was just told its a tripple disc. With the engine out I can see its a sun coast converter. It was a good day.
  9. I picked up the barring tool, vp44 gear puller, and the wrench and holder to remove the fan. The barring tool worked great. Made removal of the torque converter bolts a breeze. The fan tools worked good also. Money well spent so far.
  10. I have used weather strip adhesive to tack gaskets on in the past. So that could be an option. Probably best to wait and see what ideas the other guys have though.
  11. The gear puller was $35. I have slight problem with tools. I have more money in tools than I do into this truck by far.
  12. Makes sense. I couldnt find much info on it. Maybe I can trade a tool I never use back to my snappy for one.
  13. Ok. Im thinking the starter has to be removed to use this tool. Huge waste of time if you ask me. So $58 will be spent elsewhere.
  14. I have line wrenches so im set there. I will have my vp puller friday. Geno's has the tools to pull the injectors and tubes. But I will try the bolt method before I waste money. Do you guys know the tool for turning the engine over that I mentioned? It looks like a big torqs bit. But I have no clue where it goes. At $58 I wont buy it until I know its needed. Thanks for the input guys.
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