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  1. That's what I thought. Do I need to do anything with the ground in the old lift pump plug or not needed?
  2. The red and green are relay ground and power. Then green also grounds pump. Off relay power to pump and the trigger wire. I thinking just run trigger/key on wite to old lift pump plug. Has a 10 Amp fuse wired on power side already
  3. Can I replace their relay with this one and hook their trigger wire to the old lift pump plug?
  4. Yes does have a relay in the harness already. So I would be ok with the wire tap? Which fuse would I replace on 99?
  5. The old lift pump. Plug you only need to use the yellow white wire, correct? Do you need the black wire hooked to anything? Or am I missing that in the relay article?
  6. The relay is a better option than the fuse tap? That's the step I'm at hooking up my fass 165 in my 99 ram
  7. Could you just add a 2nd battery temp sensor to passenger side and splice into driver side wire? Or does it work in resistance and that woyld throw it off?
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