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  1. Dually suggestions

    Im pretty torn on what to do until i get to that final resting point. Which is using a dually truck. Either i spend 7k on a gooseneck for temporary means and haul at best 48 hives because of the loader and the trucks ability to haul that much weight or just take the 7k and reach a little closer to the end goal. I'm just having a hard time swallowing what people want for their trucks. Most want over 15k for 2nd gen Cummins duallys. Some have low miles on them some have 250k plus. At that price tag i might as well buy a newer 3rd gen. The other thing I've been considering is a 7.3l power stroke. They seem to be a done a dozen. I just need it to do a job and do it well. Got a buddy who I've been co-oping with and he's running a 7.3l f350. He loves them, has two of them and swears by them. I just feel so dirty with the thought of using a Ford...
  2. Dually suggestions

    With the growth projections in my apiary operation, the need to transport my hives efficiently are becoming greater. With this in mind, the need for a dually takes precedence. I have considered a gooseneck trailer and its still not off the table. The popular method for beekeepers of commercial sizes use flatbed dually trucks and then pull their loader on a trailer. The only consideration i would make for a dually is a 12v or 24v. But i need the towing capacities and hauling. Usually 96 hives fit in a flatbed over the axle and then trailer/loader. I'm looking for a 5 or 6 speed transmission and ex cab, 4x4. Hard find at a decent price!
  3. Magnetic braking

    Is there auto makers out there that use this technology? What's the downfall of it? I see huge potential in this.
  4. Crappy Weekend

    http://alwaysfreshinc.com/index.html ^^^^ Get this stuff! The inventor is a local in my woods. They originally made it for RVs, but they said people told them they even use it in their septic. Had a coworker rent my 5ther from me for a wedding when i had it and they used it in my trailer. I wasn't thrilled they used my black tank since they didn't have a way to drain it. But he told me about this stuff and pointed to the ground where they dumped it. Just a slight bit of stuff that kind of resembled dryer lint accumulation. No smell or anything. I realize this wouldn't have fixed your pipe buildup, but it will help your leach field!
  5. Anyone have firsthand experience with either? Whay can be said about either? Do they live up to the hype?
  6. Purpose of lockup switch

    Maybe I'll be able to add a little to this. I think the reason why this works as stated as compared to the Toyota's you are referring to is that it works principally the same as a manual transmission. When you lock the TC you have direct coupling with the engine and transmission. When your in a specific gear, you're restricting your engine speed to that gear ratio. Now there's drag involved and that momentum is soaked up into the drive train and engine. I'm sure terminal velocity of the drive train has some play in limiting the rpms also. When you coast down a grade with the TC unlocked, you no longer have that coupling going on between the engine and transmission. I notice a significant difference between the transmission manually placed in neutral and when in drive with the OD on. When in neutral it will coast much faster than coasting downhill in drive. But i also notice that I'm also not being restricted by gear ratio and engine drag as much either when in drive even. When i used to drive a manual truck, gearing down and coasting downhill, the gearing and drag made a big difference in slowing. But if i pushed the clutch in or had it in a higher gear, away i would go and gain in speed down the hill. Maybe i muddied things up more instead of clarified...
  7. Purpose of lockup switch

    Well i spent 4500 on my transmission rebuild when i got the truck and I'm not going to do that again if i can help it...
  8. Purpose of lockup switch

    So if i slow down with the od on or off, where it should be in a lower gear due to rpm, will it shift if i lay into the throttle in lockup or will it just lug? I'm assuming if it starts lugging then you just turn the switch off, get into your preferred gear then relock it again...
  9. Purpose of lockup switch

    How do i prevent it shifting in lockup? This is what i don't understand. I'm worried i may not pay attention to it wanting to shift or something and have it shift before i cam unlock it.
  10. Purpose of lockup switch

    Okay, so would anybody be able to tell me whether or not i could safely do one in mine? Trans description in my Sig. No billet parts..
  11. Dumped on

    Local weather advised of a snow storm that was to begin Thursday morning until Saturday morning. So far we have been getting steadily dumped on and today was forecasted of 9 inches and tomorrow will be 8. I took this picture in the middle of the day. Overall height is about 24 inches to the top of the hives. Yes those are beehives under all that snow! I venture to say at the time of this picture the snow depth is 18 inches. I suppose i will follow up with one tomorrow after the snow subsides. Lost power once today for a couple hours. They were on it! Meanwhile I'm just gonna stay in the house and sit by the stove and do absolutely nothing. Got myself a nasty little ear infection...
  12. Dumped on

    I have noticed the LED lights still emit quite a bit of heat despite their supposed decrease in energy consumption... Merry Christmas, Mike!
  13. Dumped on

    House is rated energy efficient by energy star for its year, 2007. Wood heat solely for heat source but I'm going to invest in propane for supplemental. Which will also open new opportunity to convert over to propane water, stove, dryer, etc. All the lights in the house are LED. converted over when we moved here. I have an FLIR attachment for my phone coming in soon so i can address any energy inefficiencies. Once i get the propane setup i should reduce the electric bill significantly. I'll be going for heat on demand with my water for sure. Maybe then i can just use solar for the rest of my power needs or offset the grid demand.
  14. Dumped on

    Iirc it was 5500 watts. I wired a crazy cord to it to back feed into my 220 welder circuit. It only provides 20 amps at 240 though. If i can get something to run the well at minimum i would be happy with that even. At least for now.
  15. Dumped on

    Well, i went about 16 hours without power. Got it literally back on just in time. I need to figure out what's going on with the generator. I turned off the main breaker to prevent back feed. Turned everything else off and started doing one circuit at a time. Couldn't figure out why nothing would work. Eventually i got to a point that i had to leave a couple breakers on to get power to flow. I have literally 5 panels to deal with! So what i couldn't figure out is at one point got the circuits running to power fridges for a few hours. Then i shut them off to get the water heater to run for a little bit to get hot water. Then shut that off and then went to go use the water. Nothing... So i spent an hour or so trying to figure out why i had no power. Still didn't figure it out. Looking back on it, it doesn't matter anyways. The generator does not have enough power to run big draws like a water heater or well pump. So i switched the shop light circuit on and nothing. I had them switched on at one point. I don't get it. My breaker combinations didn't make any changes to it. I was getting power from the generator. Any ideas? Going to need to invest in a larger generator system. A permanent system with dual fuel capabilities. Something that can run the whole house at one time! Anyways, timing couldn't be better. After finding all this out with the generator, we resolved to sponge bathing. I had shut the generator off and turned the breakers back on in anticipation for restoration. Right as we were about to begin our bath, the outside light came on. Wahoo! A real shower. Ran out to pump house and restarted the pressure switch to get pressure back. I will also say that in the course of the storm, i under estimated the overall snow fall. I measured about 16" of snow! Supposedly there's another storm forecasted to barrel through again today ready to bring another 6to10 inches. Like i said it with this last storm, ill believe it when i see it!