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Starts and runs then won't start.

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Hello all, I just back on here. It's been a while. Looked in my inbox and had a non active message. Sorry Mike! Been busy as all hell. Especially finally getting a break over here on the East coast during Hurricane Joaquin. Have been in flight for storm rescue. US Coast Guard SARS. Ok here is goes, The truck has been acting up some. Truck will start and run fine then out of the blue will not want to start. But after a 15-20 min wait it will start.The tach will not move. I replaced the Crankshaft postition sensor a year or so ago. Funny thing is it comes and it goes. It will not do it for months and will give me no problems.




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Error Codes?


You might want to grab a live data tool and see what is really happening.


Sorry to hear about the storm over there. I just happen to glance over at MoparMom's computer and seen a photo of flood streets and she made the comment of the hurricane. Be safe out there and keep your head about you I know what its like to be emergency type scenes and things get stupid really quick.

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