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Truck died in my driveway


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I just went out and tried to start the 04 truck, the first cold morn of the season and I know the batteries were a bit low. It turn over slow then stopped, nothing, won't turn over at all. Now with the key out there is a small red light near the oil gauge and a buss noise going on and off. I never seen anything like this before. Help!

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Called AAA today to get a jump start. The guy shows up with a battery pack, hooked it up and nothing. Calls another AAA guy for cables. I offered mine so now I have 2 trucks hooked up with jumper cables, one on each battery and 2 battery packs, one on each battery. Tried to start it and still nothing, this was un-real.

I'm looking at it and said maybe if you take the battery cables off the battery and clean them it would work. Last time I had new batteries installed the guy broke the neg. battery connection, so he put a adapter on the end. The AAA guy takes the adapter off and cleans it, puts it back on and says give it a try. I hit the key and it fired right up, no battery pack, no jumping cables. There was enough power in my batteries only to start it. I can't believe what a dumbbell I am.

Anyway, thank you all for the advise.

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