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What's up old member lost and found again


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What's up up guy's and gals wanted to say hi show you my truck and let you know I'm back and I'll try to not fall off the grid again :whistle:


Side note I can't find out how to load old pictures that I have on file so this one will do for now


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Thank you for the compliment it's a 1999 QCSB Auto, 24 valve, bhaf, silverline 4" turbo back, gauges, 35/40 hybrid turbo, the T-case handle is reversed with a stainless knob (done due to extensive time off road this way 4x4 can be engaged with your pinky and quicker without removing eyes from trail) body is clean of all emblems and stickers.

The truck has 305,000 on the clock and is on the third transmission, second body and second turbo.

Cummins N power of Oak Crak did a top end reseal at 295k, when head was pulled they told me the motor and top end was in pristine condition and not in need of overhaul. 

The body is a 2001 1500 2wd sport cab from Texas and yes it's currently housing non sport headlights.  It is completely underlined and painted inside and out in Toyota gloss army green.  The first body rusted out/owned to many deer and one tree :whistle: 

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