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Can you use Off-road P7100 pump in a 24 Valve cummins conversion?

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What the title asks? Im looking at doing a conversion and am looking at a good deal for an off-road 838 p pump? Can i make this application work somehow? if so, what do i need to know or do? And could i get this to work with an automatic 47re transmission?

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Like said, it depends on the governor.  Plenty of off-road equipment used the same governor setup as in trucks.  Some of the early 12 valves had 838 P7100's.


On the back of the pump, there will be a data tag that specifies the governor type.  Maybe get the seller to snap a pic of it?


Here's my stock 215 pump, notice the "RQV", that's the governor type.



The translation is:
R = Governor
Q = Transverse spring
V = Variable speed governor
400 = Rated minimum speed (idling speed = 1/2 engine speed, engine idle 800RPM)

... = controlled range

1400 = Rated maximum speed (= 1/2 engine speed, engine max speed = 2800RPM) 
P = P series pump designation 
A = Modification letter
121 = Type code
1 = Suffix
K = Torque matching by characteristic.


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