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Why did I get a renew email invoice

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7 hours ago, Me78569 said:

We have no idea hahaha.  We have a support ticket in for it with the Forum coders.  


you can ignore it.  

Alright sounds good ha. Everything is working good on my end. Has moparman figured out a rental program for the smarty yet? I need to enable high idle on my rig still. I was thinking about renting one from DAP, but wanted to wait until last minute maybe moparman got around to figuring out his own rental program? Thanks. 

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9 minutes ago, crf450ish said:

Oh crap..THANKS!! jeez theres a guy that goes by jkeller3 that lives in Spokane. Dang. 

You can thank @Me78569 as he put the map together. Just took a few min to dig it up. 


Looks like that guy doesn't have a smarty though.... only red dots have the smarty. 

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