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  1. Delo 15-40 and Napa gold here. Change between 5-7K miles depending on how hard its been ran.
  2. crf450ish

    Turbo options and opinions

    https://mopar1973man.com/topic/12290-the-crf450ish-random-question-thread/?do=findComment&comment=150001 I don't feel confident with my knowledge to be suggesting to others what to do and what not to do. What I will do is point you in the same direction i have been pointed in....
  3. crf450ish

    Turbo options and opinions

    Once upon a time, someone here (honestly cannot remember) suggested this turbo for me & 150's.....https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/borg-warner-sxe-drop-2nd-gen-dodge/ if you have the $$$....go for it. with the quad V2, you can control fueling.
  4. no, just billet input. TC came from cascade converters somewhere near marysville, wa. Which apparently aren't there anymore
  5. +1 on Dynamic! Over 2 years later and nearly 35K miles and I'm happy with my trans. Still shifts like it did on day one after the build. I keep fresh fluid in it and the bands adjusted frequently.
  6. crf450ish

    Well the Order is in

    @Me78569 congrats man! I'm late to the party as always haha! I'm sure you're gonna love it, and as far as the wife.....if she's anything like mine, the complaining about go fast parts will end immediately after she drives it . I wish you the best!
  7. crf450ish

    Teardown and Rebuild

    Well....seems like the next project is to swap in an eaton Heavy duty 13 speed. Similar to that of the one my old man has in his 06' Kenworth T600. Regularly hauls 100K LB loads from Seattle to Billings montana. CAT C15 pushing 625hp to the ground and god knows how much torque..... I'm here to tell you right now, if you did swap in an eaton semi tranny into your truck, I would fly down to CO and pay you to take me for ride in it at full power
  8. I catch your drift, haha. Ill never let go of my cummins!
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and go there.....my next diesel is going to be a duramax. Ive made my mind up. I test drove a brand spanking new shiny one today just for fun (the sales guy knew i wasn't buying). They are so nice inside. Ive got 3 kids....my wife like my 2nd ged but hates how "cramped" we all are in there. Plus the warranty is transferable so I can buy a certified pre owned one. I just don't like the interior of the new dodges. I think all brands have their ups and downs. I like my 2nd gen...would never own a 3rd gen, wanted a 4th gen etc etc etc. Its all up to personal preference in the end.
  10. crf450ish

    Teardown and Rebuild

    I will use a thin film of copper anti seize then. The copper stuff is more resistant to heat. Not that it matters much in a cummins engine thats in good repair. EDIT: hey @TFaoro....U got any decent videos of your rig showcasing its power?
  11. crf450ish

    Teardown and Rebuild

    Interesting. Never heard of lubricant being used on internal fasteners within an engine. I do put a very light film of anti seize on the very end portion of lug nuts where they mate to the rim. As to avoid torque loss due to friction between the lug nut and rim, I never lube the threads though. I learned allot about torque loss working in refineries tightening flanges. BP and SHELL require anti seize on the studs, or bolts, both sides of the washer and just everywhere. Its a mess, but the engineers involved in investigations in refinery mishaps have found that poorly torqued flanges, due to friction, have allowed leakage of hydrocarbons. Bad Bad Bad. I simply applied the same principal at home when working on my stuff. But never lube the threads on lug nuts.
  12. crf450ish

    Teardown and Rebuild

    I had no idea it was a good idea to use never seize on head studs. So it is?
  13. I bet you'll miss your cummins when you have to dig into that powerchoke to do any repairs or engine mods. Even injectors. If I could have the new 2018 SuperDuty with a 6.7 Cummins and a 68RFE tranny with DANA 80's I would be a very happy camper, much more so than I am now. You can't beat the new SuperDuty styling and interior, IMHO.
  14. Is he buying a new 4th gen?
  15. Alright guys I have a small confession to make..... so a buddy of mine recently got promoted at his job and part of this job is moving trailers to and from job sites frequently. The rig that the company gave him to use and drive home and back to work every day is a 2016 Ford power stroke F350. I drove it last night...... ...... H O L Y S H E E T!!! It is very fast! I wonder if @TFaoro built 2nd gen is as fast as a stock brand new powestroke.... better yet, faster! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ford fanboy at all (except for the good ol’ 7.3). But I’m wondering what it would take the make my truck as “peppy” as this new ford..... at least in the acceleration department. Or is that a pipe dream that’s unattainable. Edit: I am looking at a new(er) 4th gen Cummins that’s bone stock with a heavily built 68rfe.