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  1. So what’s the consensus here? Are they 1350? And i always use greasable joints. I think non geeasable joints are the stupidest thing in the world. Might as well not grease your tie rod ends and ball joints for that matter..... LOL! I took the driveline off and am going to order the u joints and centering yoke and drop it all off at a driveline shop here in fife, wa in western wa. I’m over here for work anyways. I don’t work on U joints. Tried to one time and ended up having to buy a new driveline, back in my jeeping days. So I leave the U Joint replacements to the experienced dudes who’ve done it a time or 20
  2. Does anyone know the OEM spicer part #s for the front driveline U joints including the double cardan joints and centering yoke (might as well replace it)? Heard and felt a sight vibration coming from what felt like the front end. It was the U joints in the double cardan portion of my front driveline..... there toast. Took the driveline out yesterday. Should be interesting to see if I get a tad better mpg
  3. Teardown and Rebuild

    I’m not sure if you’ve said it before or been asked yet but why don’t buy a beater 4 cylinder Japanese car or something exclusively for commuting her to dialysis? I mean for real it would pay for itself in fuel savings within a couple of months. I travel all over the country for work and I leave my truck parked in my shop. Much more economical and no need to put miles on a pickup not towing anything imho.....
  4. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t work the way it’s supoosed to. All I want to do is try a tune out on the standard tune repository but I can’t because of some unknown problem. I’m a welder, not a computer programmer so I really don’t understand what’s going on.
  5. I’m sorry but this is way too complicated. I’ve tried and failed several times to download the files. Can’t we just go back to posting our tunes here like we used to until quadzilla has a streamlined way of importing and downloading tunes figured out.
  6. Edge Comp look alike tune

    I agree Apple is going full retard. They have been for years but it’s getting worse. The only reason I’ve stayed with Apple is because the ease of use. With android I hate how I have to go into each individual app and clear the cache and cookies and what not. But I’m about to make the switch because quite frankly I’m tired of being controlled. Can’t even download things to my iPhone from internet like everyone else with an android can. Haha not to mention who the hell wants to spend $1K on a freaking phone? Does Apple think everyone works at amazon or Microsoft as an engineer making $150K + a year? 😂
  7. Now this can’t be correct. I’m doing between 70-75mph on a flat (yes, flat) straight highway, 20* timing, 30% engine load, mpg switch @ 143*...... My guess is an actual 23 mpg Edit: I reset it three times. Went back to this each time haha
  8. Yeah mine won’t be turning any higher than 3K rpm. Sheet, I don’t even hit 2500 rpm very often. I’m 30 going on 80 behind the wheel. Just want a fluidamper for peace of mind. I’ve noticed a tad bit of vibration at idle. Looked at stock harmonic balancer and the rubber is checked. Time for a fluidamper
  9. Nooo! Lol. My truck has seen 3000 rpm one time since I’ve owned it. ARP all the way man!
  10. Dual Egt Probes

    Dude you can rent a smarty from DAP in Utah. By snail mail. They place a hold on your card for the cost of a smarty ($600) and once they get it back safe & sound thy refund you the $540. Yes, it costs $60 to rent. Oh well. It works and hey, you get to play with a smarty for a bit. Just don’t stack it with anything. At all!
  11. Dual Egt Probes

    I’m interested to see which one reads higher during high idle, if you’ve got it enabled.
  12. According to what I’ve read on here & cumminsforum..... certain engine parts, like gaskets and pumps and other vital parts, no matter how unimportant they may seem, always go OEM Cummins. Sure, batteries, belts, bearings, brakes, fluids and other common maintenance items are ok to go aftermarket with. But sticking with original equipment parts on vital things is the common consensus.
  13. Thanks dude. So what’s the benefit of this? Peace of mind that the damper won’t spin?
  14. @jlbayes would you mind explaining to me what the pin kit is for? All I can find Ian the dampener with & without the pin kit. Thanks.
  15. Is there any drilling or otherwise material modifications required to install a fluiddampr? I have a chance to pick up one for 1/2 price of new (and this one is brand new in a dudes garage on his shelf). Just wondering who here has actually installed one themselves. Thx