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  1. Here's my two cents. I originally had an edge juice with attitude, loved it! Then I discovered how much more in depth tuning the Quad offered as well as the ability to squeeze much more MpG out of these trucks. And the tuning possibilities are endless. You can literally tailor a tune to fit your individual truck based on whatever mods you have, tire size, altitude etc.
  2. I paid for this tune and tried to download it but it did not download. I'm using an android device. Am I missing something?
  3. I actually had one of those "big dog" mufflers. It was 52" long end to end from diamond eye. I ended up taking it off and selling it on Craigslist. I guess I could try one of those resonators. Wouldn't hurt. If it doesn't do what I need it to, I'm sure someone on Craigslist here in Western wa will scoop it up quick.
  4. @dripley Thank you for your feedback! I didn't even think about swapping the FASS pump head onto the titanium unit. I'll look into that. Its unfortunate that Moog was bought out. It seems that literally EVERYTHING these days is about profit and not at all about customer satisfaction. I like the sound of the 5" straight pipe...just sounds wicked as hell, especially when the engine was under load. Going to a 4" w/ a muffler seems like the right choice anyway.
  5. Its been a while since I've done anything to my truck/been on & lurked on any forums. She's still going strong. I still maintain it as I love it as much as I always have. Life circumstances have changed the course of life for my family and I. We are selling the house we bought in 2015 in Fruitland, wa & have since relocated back to Puyallup (western wa ;( I switched careers because of a personal injury. I have not been able to do any of the "coming soon" items in my signature, but believe me, I still intend on doing them. Things are slowly getting better. A few concerns about some items on my truck.... in no particular order: -Fass fuel lines are cracking. The 1/2" blue hoses that came with the system are showing their age. Has anyone replaced them with anything better? If not, I plan on having new ones made at a hose shop here in Tacoma. -Transfer case (NP241 DHD) seems a bit sloppy. I know those cases are among the best out there. Opinions? -I want to replace the Fass 150 platinium pump with a Titanium pump....is FASS still one of the best in the business or have they been surpassed by another outfit? -One piece driveshaft? I remember asking about this once before. Can't remember if it was here or cumminsforum. I've read mixed opinions about them. I know @Mopar1970man has a similar opinion as mine, if its been designed by a team of engineers getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, its a good bet to leave it alone. Which is precisely why I have. I know I just answered my own question, however i'm always open to opinions and suggestions. -Ball Joints. I know how to replace em'. Should I stick with OEM spicer or go with another brand? Ive replaced every single U joint (except the front axle U joints) with OEM spicer joints. Very happy. -Exhaust. I can't believe I'm actually bringing this up. When I put my 5" straight pipe on years ago, it was for one reason and one reason only...to keep the EGTs down while towing. I'd keep it on but since I live in Liberalville now, there are certain municipalities and cities & counties that have codes are ordinances against loud exhausts. So before i end up pulled over over something trivial as exhaust noise, I figure I'll be proactive and quiet it down. I was thinking just a diamond eye (I've had excellent luck with them) 4" turbo back with a muffler....
  6. Indeed. I have over 60K miles on my tranny since you built it. Changed the fluid & filter every 15K miles like clockwork as well as adjust the bands. I will say though, I like to keep it out of overdrive until I'm over 45 mph because I don't like how it wants to go into OD so soon. Nothing on your end, its just how the 47re behaves. Still waiting on the valve body upgrade, LoL!
  7. crf450ish


  8. Wow..... tis why I would only buy a new vehicle off the lot. I'm sorry to hear this. Hopefully it wont take another 140 days to get a new truck.
  9. @Me78569 has the wait been a test of your patience?
  10. Delo 15-40 and Napa gold here. Change between 5-7K miles depending on how hard its been ran.
  11. https://mopar1973man.com/topic/12290-the-crf450ish-random-question-thread/?do=findComment&comment=150001 I don't feel confident with my knowledge to be suggesting to others what to do and what not to do. What I will do is point you in the same direction i have been pointed in....
  12. Once upon a time, someone here (honestly cannot remember) suggested this turbo for me & 150's.....https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/borg-warner-sxe-drop-2nd-gen-dodge/ if you have the $$$....go for it. with the quad V2, you can control fueling.
  13. no, just billet input. TC came from cascade converters somewhere near marysville, wa. Which apparently aren't there anymore
  14. +1 on Dynamic! Over 2 years later and nearly 35K miles and I'm happy with my trans. Still shifts like it did on day one after the build. I keep fresh fluid in it and the bands adjusted frequently.
  15. @Me78569 congrats man! I'm late to the party as always haha! I'm sure you're gonna love it, and as far as the wife.....if she's anything like mine, the complaining about go fast parts will end immediately after she drives it . I wish you the best!
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