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GREAT video explaining driveline angles

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Its not uncommon to read threads/posts where members are unaware of why their u-joint angles must be set correctly otherwise driveline vibrations will be a problem.


I just ran across this 2 minute youtube video which I think does a very good but yet simple job of explaining whats going on.  Maybe this will help some people out understanding whats going on under their truck. :thumbup2:



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Heresy I say!!!!


You must do all the calculations for the position, velocity, and angular acceleration by hand!!!!  Otherwise all those differential equations we did will not get used!!!! 


Where was this video when we were trying to explain this problem to someone a year or so ago...  I know we spent 3 or 4 pages trying to convey this concept and still not sure we did a good job.... 


Great find!



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Glad to see this issue raised!


The bracket that goes between the cross-member and the drive-line carrier bearing ( I have the 2 piece rear drive-line) is very rusted on My 01- which fact I discovered when the OEM bearing grenaded at about 30 mph.

No problem finding a Timken bearing, but when I went to find the bracket that fits between bearing and the cross-member( I Think that's the right term-it's the piece directly above bracket that runs across the underside of the bed), no luck on the bracket.

Mopar USED to sell it for about 20.00, but after a LONG search I found out it's no longer available...One Parts Manager told Me that Mopar makes a person buy a whole new drive-line at around $1600.00!!


My mechanic "descaled" the OEM bracket and said it should last as long as the truck...but when I really refeed on the drive-line sideways, there was more play than I liked.  I just could not find a non rusty bracket in the East, so finally asked a welding genius to shore-up the OEM bracket.  A couple of Guys offered to fabricate one, but in the back of my mind drive-line angles etc kept bugging Me.

If I am not mistaken, there is not a whole lot of force or "torque" applied to that particular bracket...it is more of a "Place-holder" in that section of the rear drive-line?


The welding of the OEM bracket worked all the way across Country!!


So Big Blue is back to the Pacific Northwest!!

She ran fine all the way across...left Orange County NY mid-day on the 16th of November and arrived in Klickitat County on the 20th.

Quite the run across Eastern Wyoming...I-80 was closed the day before We crossed and the run that night into Larimie it was about 9 degrees up and across the Continental Divide and  Nebraska was a non-stop serious headwind push.

That is some desolate country, and with the way My VP44 and associated parts have been, well I am not ashamed to admit some Serious requests went Up-stairs to keep Her humming!

Pulled a double axle U-Haul that was packed to the max, and am I the only person that finds U-Hauls just do not track well?

Esp if the road has "depressions" or wear from Semis .....that crazy trailer seemed to have a mind of its own!

Even with the heaviest loaded up front in the trailer, it STILL was a cantankerous beast!

Wonder if anti-sway bars would help...


Anyway, sorry to wonder so far off-thread here!




PS: A Very Huge Thanks to ALL of the Members here who helped Me get Big Blue ready for the trip!!



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Are you reffering to this bracket? Carrier_Bearing_002_Custom.jpg


Yes, it should be just a place holder, though there may be a little horizontal force as the suspension cycles.


I've got two 2wd brackets laying here, if you need one just give the word.

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