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  1. When in reverse trying to back up the weight, does the engine freely spool up or does it try to stall? If the engine rpm increase with no gain in speed, the clutch is slipping or the torque converter is not converting. If you stall you don't have enough torque to perform the maneuver. HTH Hag
  2. Guy, The switch on the transfer case could be bad. It is where the electrical switch is on a GM, ours is just vacuum. When you select 4 hi or low, vacuum is supplied to the black line to the cad (also called axle shift motor). The red line should have vacuum only in 2wd. I wonder if your valve is bad or something so that the vacuum does not get there in 4 low. You may need to play with it a bit, because it is a detent, if you are not putting the lever in the right spot it may be wonky.
  3. Do what you can to help the lower control arms be a bit longer. This helps with our fixed caster on the 4wd vehicles. GL Hag
  4. The vent line for the 4wd vacuum switch comes up behind the head and ends with a black filter/cap. This was to prevent dirt and debris (and mud dobbers) from plugging the vent line and rendering the cad system useless. That could be what you are looking at. Hag
  5. Good job nailing the center!!! I usually blow that and spend another 3-5 hours trying to finger out how to fix that too! GL Hag
  6. I love "the nozzles are designed for this..." OK. so they are. they make a proper pattern at a lower pressure. That is a total dodge (pun not intended) to the question asked. How does the injector backward command the pump to respond to the earlier timing of the first fuel flow and the longer open window of the injector time? Hey in the old days you would just adjust the timing of the pump a bit to get it level out. Run out there and adjust your timing on pump.....ooops. can't advance or retard the VP easily. you could with keys..... None of us has really played with it
  7. Joe, Finding a "good" diesel shop is going to take some leg work on your part. The "good" diesel shops work on commercial vehicles, not residential stuff. So what you need to do is familiarize yourself with some commercial vehicle repair shops. (I am not sure how much farming is near you, but shops that work on the BIG tractors 150hp+ would work too) See if there is a Volvo, Freightliner, dealer etc near you. ( it appears that Freighliner of Philadelphia lists levittown as its home) go talk to the mechanics there. They will tell you what shop is good with injectors near b
  8. A couple times on different vehicles I have suspected that the wheel bearing was the issue, but even with it up on the lift I could not "feel" a problem. No movement on the dial indicator nothing. Mentioned this problem to my local parts guy (been in the business YEARS...pretty darn clever) and he said he had run into that also. He suggested loosening the spindle nut, thereby removing the preload, and spinning the wheel. (of course re-torque it if no issues) VOILA!!! the bearing felt like hell. Tighten the spindle nut, felt fine, loosen the spindle nut, felt like hell. Pretty
  9. And yes, the VP can be dead or dying with no P0216 code. 216 is a nice confirmation it's toast, but we know of at least 4 that had severe drive-ability issues and never threw a P0216 code. A couple never threw codes out. HTH Hag
  10. My '53 Sunbeam had the letter "B" on the the hood release.... Took me awhile to figure out it meant bonnet. lol of course the turn signals were little flags that stuck out from the fenders.... whitworth threads.... plumbing on the outside of the house so it is easy to fix when it freezes, carburetors made by plumbers... and Lucas the prince of darkness.... I understand why the UK loves beer. and once you get in the right frame of mind, it all makes perfect sense! CHeers!! Hag
  11. If were gonna slip on moral pants here, it should go both ways. What is wrong with the coatings that the NHTSA is forcing the OEM to apply to the headlight lenses that they (headlight covers) yellow out so quickly? It has to be a stupid regulation. Do your tail lights yellow that quickly? Do any of your other clear plastic covers yellow that quickly? No they don't. SO somewhere along the way, there is a regulation that these headlight covers get this crazy chemical applied to them. (I am betting it has to do with not making sharp shards, so that a pedestrian is not injured or somethin
  12. Wil, Just make sure you have some of the "tamper proof" torx bits. (they are the torx with the pin hole in the middle) you will need them to take out the multifunction switch. HTH Hag
  13. I removed the front timing cover breather. I probably have more blow by than most, so the front of the engine stayed a bit dirtier. The worst was it would collect on the alternator. Don't know why. It just constantly looked like my alternator had an oil leak. so I moved it. routed the new lifter cover vent into the driver's side frame rail. It will never rust out. Hag
  14. I installed an earlier Cummins tappet cover with the vent. I did it because I had a broken gasket and needed to be in there anyway. It takes some time to do. The stock lift pump bracket must be modified. (this bracket also covers the p-pump version mechanical fuel pump hole) So gaskets need to be made etc. Personally I like it. But it is not just a quick change. I also used the earlier version washers to hold it in place. I think I would have been better served using the newer washers. (our later washers are much thinner.) I ended up having to go back and re-t
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