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99 Ranger XLT 2.5LT 2WD 5SP Anitfreeze Leak


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306K on the Clock. (Good truck. Normal maintenance cost.)

"Slow"Antifreeze Leak Right Front side of Engine. Small 3/4" diameter puddle.

Leak evidences itself in morning "after" driving. 

No overheating, heat is good in cab.

Looked at if from every direction and no signs of leakage.

Checked/wiggled all hoses, clamps - all are dry.

Nothing around pump, radiator or side freeze plugs.

Oil is NOT foamy.

Any advice would be appreciated.






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  • Administrator

Easiest way to track it down is to get a cooling system tester and pressurize the system cold. Leave the pressure on the engine for extended period of time then as it weeps it will leave a wet trail to the source of the leak. Like on my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 had the same problem you could smell the coolant under the hood. Never dripped on the floor but if you pressurized the system it started dripping on the floor and left a wet trail to the source which in my case was the passenger side intake gasket was shot from low pH coolant that worked a pin hole in the gasket. Did a manifold gasket kit and no longer an issue. 

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Thanks, I'll do that first.  

Truck is due to for a timing belt change, this new symptom just moved it up I guess. :)  Appreciate the feedback.



Any recommendations on a brand of tester?

I need an excuse to buy a tool.



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I carry in my work van the Stant12270 cooling system pressure tester with the adaptors for different model cars.   Amazon has it for $70 and free shipping.  

You will have to get the adapter that fits your Ford.   It my be the Stant12027





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