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ISX    58

I never got to see "what the driver saw" :ahhh: The biggest problem is that when you have indicators like that, people will use them in place of just looking for dangers. Take for instance the back up indicators on new cars that ding or something when you get close to the car behind you. I am willing to bet many people just wait for it to ding then put it in park. They get used to this and never even look, if the sensor fails, they will just back into the car behind them. They can add as many sensors as they want, but your 5 sensors are the best sensors out there and can never be outdone. If anything, they need to find ways to encourage people to make the most of their 5 senses rather than making the least of them. That guy didn't even look when he pulled out, he had complete reliance on the onboard computers, just like I said, which they failed obviously. It shows how he got used to the computer and gave up his 5 senses and relied on that piece of crap.

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jordan    0

hahaha first thing i always check when on my bike is what's behind me the one variable you don't really have a say about, check your blind spots after that and i might add AT ALL TIMES :smart:

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