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Dual wheel inflation solutions? Crossfire?

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Hey Guys,


You know how it is, those valve stems on the inside dual wheels are a b*&^% to reach.   I've heard horror stories about guys putting long valve extenders on, just to have them eventually fail due to moving around from centrifugal force.  Also heard of installing longer solid metal stems.


Has anyone come up with the hot solution for this? I'm not opposed to setting up a hose that connects both wheels, something that doesn't throw the rear wheels out of balance.  if there are any tried and true setups I would love to know.


Another challenge is I'm running some nice stainless hub covers, and they cover all of the lug bolts and axle flange bolts. So, no bolts to mount a hose bracket to, but I could probably come up with a solution and weld a tab to the hub cover. 



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The inside one isn't the problem for me. Don't even need to bend the chuck. It's the outside one that needs an extension so the chuck doesn't hit the wheel before it reaches the stem. I bent my chuck like that and still couldn't make it reach. Might try again some day if my extensions ever fail.

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