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I have a 99 Ram 2500. Lately the torque converter has been locking and unlocking, the other night I was checking the altenator grounds and realized my under the hood light was burned out, I took it out and now my Radio, inside lights, and cargo lights dont work... but the Torque converter doesnt lock and unlock anymore, It shifts like it did the day I bought it. Could these be related? I do have a deck, amps, speakers. I did notice that every now and then the amps would make a loud high pitched sound while accelerating. I like the torque converter part but dont know how long I can go without a radio... any suggestions?

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I wouldn't think they would be related but it does have some pretty obvious signs that it is doesn't it. The "IOD" fuse controls all the stuff that turned off, see if it is blown. Once you fix that let us know if the converter starts messing up again.

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