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Where is it located on a 98.5 2500 Cummins?????


i read online it was a 13/16 either mine is different or I’m looking at the wrong sensor

the one I’m looking at is on the drivers side of the engine.


my edge insight reads a temp of 300 all the time.  

(Unless its cause of my no bus problem).  But everything else works as it should. 

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Well just went out again and with it being darker out the flash light worked better and i found it. 

Removed it edge insight still says 300 with it plugged in or unplugged.  And it looked clean too.  

It is a 13/16 deep socket works great      Thanks for the pic.helped alot

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  • Administrator

No Bus from the PCM...

23 minutes ago, Acetcruiser said:

Only code I have is p1698.    



IAT sensor should throw a P0113 code because its was disconnected. You might be having ECM problems too. 

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I finally got back to the truck. (Been getting my boat ready for summer while I’m off work)

unplugged the iat sensor today and ran the truck   Got code p0113 plugged it back in cleared

code and it didn’t come back but still reading 300 degrees all the time plugged in or not 

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