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Cranks wont start P0121 p0236 p0216 p0577 p1693

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Just got the truck about a week ago.

I will refrain from the steering issues I've had

I washed the engine 2 days ago since there was diesel all over (line blew off on way home from purchase) and I like a clean engine compartment. I opted to use a hose with wand power nozzle over a power washer which I use on all my other trucks because I noticed hack electrical work and wanted to avoid any shorting out of components. Well, now I have a cranks but no start condition 

It started one time for about 15 seconds then died. 

Did the key on key off deal which revealed the following codes









I then decided to do a more thoroughjob of cleaning to uncover any potential suspect main grounding issues on the engine

I disconnected plugs and cleaned them with electronic cleaner then applied dielectric grease, reinstalled them. 

Truck still doesn't start.

Being there are so many codes I'm hoping there is a common connector, ground or power related to all the codes.


I just got through installing the upgraded k style steering, bilstien stabilizer and sway bar components as I experienced tremendous death wobble on my way home. The previous owner told me not to speed while I was test driving it even though I was actually driving under the speed limit. Now it makes sense he was trying to hide the death wobble issues but I'm not sure if he was also trying to hide a greater issue. I'd appreciate any help as I bought this truck for reliable transportation to work.

Aftermarket electronics I know of are listed in the signature 

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Check your codes here, pick one and run through the diagnostics, you will need a voltmeter.   https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/obdii-error-codes_94/

Have you checked for water/corrosion at the ECU (drivers side of the block at the rear ish ),  PCM  (passenger side firewall) and VP44 (injection pump at drivers side front)


I can only speak for myself but I wouldn't put so much as a teaspoon of water under the hood except to top up coolant 

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