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So: I can't tow (8000lb camper) in OD and I"m ok with that (low rpms due to 3.55 and 35" tires lol) Cruising in 3rd at lower rpms (1700-1900 on gravel roads) is also a bit warm too on the egt side. Question: The Quad EGT reads a 100ish deg lower than my glowshift max tow gauge around 900+ deg, some places I get the max tow to 1200 but Quad is showing 1100... Which should I trust? Both probes are side by each in the manifold. Water temp sits great at 195 and Oil temp stays at 208 on the quad. Towing boost also seams low- rarely over 17psi cruising (19-2100rpm).


The motor is studded with 425's, 62 71 12 (I think) DPS turbo that's like 13/14 years old, 150hp edge sticks that are that old as well...  In some personal opinions: whats safe prolong egts? I've read 1250....

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i wouldn't sweat seeing egts above 1250 for a bit.   however with higher hp than stock egt's that high means high load, which means your cooling system is likely the weak link and you will have to back off the pedal.  


i wouldn't trust either completely.    knowing the true egt %100 accurate is really not all that important.



i would be looking for boost leaks.

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I've searched for boost leaks last fall when I rebuild the truck: None at all from what I can see at least, I can get 55psi on command- quad limiter set at 57. Coolant has never gone above 198 deg so that seams up to par as well (I flushed the system when I rebuilt the truck, new water pump installed, washed rad, condenser and intercooler up). Engine oil temp seams a bit high IMO but maybe I'm over thinking that one...

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Posted (edited)

After making my trip to Mohave Valley, AZ and back to New Meadows, ID. There is a bit of difference between us. I'm running 245/75 R16 tires allowing me to run at the peak torque and EGT's are much lower and so is my engine oil temperature. I run just level 3 of my tune I've got enough power with my setup that I can still break the tires lose from the light or stop if I get into the pedal too hard. 

  • Quadzilla 
  • HX35/40 Hybrid (60/60/12)
  • BHAF
  • 4 Inch exhaust (Diamond Eye)
  • 7 x 0.010 @ 320 bar
  • Average 12.6 MPG
  • 245/75 R16 tires (30.6 Inches) final ratio is 3.69:1


Engine oil temp floated between 170 to 180 on the flats. Grades only barely touched 190*F

EGT's barely touch 1,200*F with cruise set most grades 65 MPH. EGT wise I did pretty good and did not downshift a lot. 1,800 miles total trip. Down to the hottest piece of hell. (Mohave Valley, AZ)


RV being towed is my 31 foot Jayco Eagle scaled out I was at 17,300 GCW




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