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Hello I have a 2001 that is cutting power at random. When it looses power it is off and on real quick. The rpms tps and speed stay constant. The only way I’ve got it to stop is to unplug the speed sensor on the rear end and since I’ve done that hasn’t happened since. I replaced that sensor. When it’s plugged in the problem comes back. I have a IQuad V2. On the I quad the speed is all over the place the factory speed seems to read correctly. When the truck cuts out the IQuad speed reads 140+ when in reality I’m going 30 mph according to the dash. I’ve seen it jump up to over 70 when the truck is idling in 1st gear. I’ve also completely disconnected the IQuad and the truck still dose it when the speed sensor is hooked up. I’m at a loss here

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verify the wiring to the rear is good using a paper clip to jump the speed sensor plug at the rear, then use a multi meter to ohm the wiring from the abs computer.   


there is a junction that is right above / behind the drivers front tire.  this junction can get beat up bad and wiring can fail.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/24/2020 at 10:27 PM, Salerno5.9 said:

I’ve seen it jump up to over 70 when the truck is idling in 1st gear. 


I would have to say there is a ABS module issue. If your just idling in 1st gear and it jumping that much there is a module issue. Module Masters in Moscow, Idaho can rebuld that ABS computer for $130 and give a 5 year warranty. They even test the unit for function. 


I would also look at AC noise issues from possibly the alternator if you not already. AC noise can flood the computer with evnough noise to make the speedometer move even when the vehicle isn't. 


Hence why the W-T ground mod is required. 



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