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ubject: FW: Biden Neuro Medical Status.....A Perspective from a Brain Surgeon
  Biden neuro Medical Status.....A Perspective from a Brain Surgeon
First of all, I have had enough of the mainstream media! While I do not consider myself a political person, I am a practicing neurosurgeon with a background in cerebrovascular surgery, and I must scream "Foul!" on the media and here avenge the late Paul Harvey with 'the rest of the story' hidden from the American public!
How many of you know that Joe Biden has had 2 brain surgeries, one on each side of his head?
How many people know that Joe had a head full of blood after an aneurysm exploded in his head in 1988?
How many know that the resulting brain damage from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, as the blood breakdown products bathe the brain, are significant and permanent damage, let alone the compression and damage due to the jet of blood from the rupture itself.
Why has the media not asked for his medical records, list of medications, EEG, or at least an angiogram of his brains blood vessels? Multi-aneurysm patients like Mr. Biden have a tendency to form new ones and are recommended to have an angiogram every 5 years; where is the report? Really, the NY Times couldn't do a piece on this? How about a CT scan to document what his brain looks like or verify he does not have hydrocephalus or a ventricular peritoneal shunt or seizure disorder? Where is the outrage?
The fact of the matter is the media conspiracy to elect Mr. Biden is unbelievable and wholly liable if he gets into office, while overlooking these significant medical issues. I mean, really, shouldn't there be some sort of medical prerequisite for the office and all of the stress it induces?
Are we that desperate to install the first black female president? Shouldn't the first black female president be duly elected on her own merits rather than hiding behind a 77 year old sub-arachnoid hemorrhage survivor?
Love him or hate him, you do have to admire Mr. Biden for overcoming all these issues in the last 38 years but this disqualifies him in my eyes to hold the nuclear codes. Hell, in most states, he couldn't even get a driver’s license without a letter from a neurologist saying he was seizure free for a year.
Instead, we have almost elected him the leader of the free world and the keeper of the launch codes with no one knowing the truth, no one asking any health questions! Especially when he can’t remember who he is running against or who his wife is. Really, these are our choices: a subarachnoid hemorrhage survivor or a narcissist
Whether you are for Biden or against him, please be honest enough to spread the truth about his medical issues before he's sworn in as our next president with no one knowing the medical issues he suffers from.
John R Robinson M.D. Neurosurgeon

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Posted (edited)

I don't think it matters to the liberals with Harris and the squad behind him ready to present their agenda. Kinda like sneaking an unpopular far left monster in the back door. I'm waiting for a time when it goes so far that the good people of this country take it back, peacefully of course. I'm afraid though that by then America will be bankrupt, with its resources, its beautiful forests and parks over taxed from use, open borders, excessive harvesting and mining, people in general working harder to produce, creating more deterioration/ pollution to pay excessive taxes and fees imposed on the people to stop climate change.


It is something I am still trying to understand and realize how Amazing it was talked about it even before the industrial revolution or the invention of the combustion engine, warning us of the time that set the stage for those times to come. Basically telling of the inevitable, to keep the faith in who warned us and to get along with each other, having no contention nor hate for anything.


Imagine not hating your truck anymore.... actually forgiving it for all the grief :thumb1:


Sunday lesson for today :)



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