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ALL MEMBERS and CUSTOMERS: Please people when something goes wrong with your account, payment transaction, or product sold to you please DO NOT personal message me directly or any staff. This typically ends in bad results of missed messages or getting lost. PM flow so fast for me its extremely easy to miss or delete by accident. Not to mention PM's also only I can see the issue, no other staff can see my PM box. If you create a Support ticket all the staff can see the problem and typically they can either remind me or come back and find it. On the support ticket it up to the submitter meaning (You the member) to RESOLVE the ticket which will terminate the support ticket. This way it remain in the pile and keep asking for the member or myself to respond. After 2 weeks a notice will go out to the user telling that the system will auto close the ticket. Again it will not drop through the cracks. The customer / member can submit two ways either by going to the web link above or you may email support (at) mopar1973man.com this will create a email into the support ticket system and can be followed by email as well. 


DO NOT Personal Message any Staff. This traps the issue with that one member. If hes really busy he might have some delays.


DO submit a support ticket and give as much detail to the issue as you possible. 


DO keep responding to the ticket till the issue is resolved. Once resolved mark the ticket RESOLVED. 


Being anything on the support ticket ALL STAFF can see support ticket the tickets. 


ALL STAFF: you should be able to see the AdminCP option in the menu. Just login like you normally do a second time. Now under the Commerce > Support Request. This will be populated with all support tickets. You may respond to any client that has OPEN tickets. Once you respond to a ticket it will automatically close the ticket (waiting for customer response). Now its the customer turn. If you or the customer RESOLVES the ticket this this issues is close to the customer. To all staff if there is any permission or access issues let me know and well work at fixing this issue. All Admins and BoD's currently can see this. Moderators if you want access to this to work the pile you may request I'll build a permission mask for you as well.


As you can see my currently working case of a FASS lift pump with FASS directly and marked it Working being this case is still active here in the shop. This way when I come back in a few days to deal with RMA or warranty issues I can continue communication with FASS directly.  Even though the ticket is over a month old its still here and not lost. 

Screenshot from 2021-01-20 05-47-11.png




I've also filed my Vendor Agreement with FASS fuel system. I will also be a authorized vendor and installer of FASS fuel system here very soon. I've had a long chat about the physical size of FASS and the problem of current mounting and filter strikes for offroad users. I might get some changes that work better for people that are offroad. Let's see what I can do to make a better setup for FASS. 



As I've been keeping the other thread going with performance issues of the server. As I get the system rolling faster I'll start adding back in stuff. The Garage is back up and functional but the entire Garage is empty and need to have people start posting photos and trucks stuff again. I going to make a Garage for just the stuff I work on in the shop to showcase some of my job I'm handling. It a two fold for the Garage. It a place for members to share all the goodies about there truck. Now you don't need a huge signature area at all just basic info then link to the garage Mod page and then people can read all your mods you have instead of a super long scroll of stuff for mobile users which is 80% of the traffic here. That way you don't have to keep upload new photos wasting your storage space if you do it right you should have a good collection of photos for each modification the you can fall back and grab these for your forum posting to explain things. I choked the limit of photos to 1 MB tops. I know lot of people have to size down the photos to make them fit. My problem was the garage was a HUGE holder of space with massive 3 to 6 MB photos. This limit will still produce a good 1024 x 1024 photo that is very clean but keep the size of the file down.



I know the store is a sad state of affairs right now the only thing that is there is high idle kits and few LED bulbs. Being the store is based on photos mostly I need to finish cleaning up the massive amounts of photos on the server hard drive. Once we get page speeds up and rolling I plan on getting the store populated with much more. Counter productive to build a store with huge photos that is actually preventing Google from even listing the store because the page load time is too long. 



I've been working for months squeezing every last once of power and speed form the server just like we do with tuning our trucks to be that 0.1 second quicker in the quarter mile. Server is plenty big enough but the software configuration is still not optimal since finding both the disk caching module and FastCGI modules are not functioning properly and I have support tickets with both cPanel and the hosting company to resolve this issue. 


Compare Cummins Forum to Mopar1973Man Server Performance...

Screenshot from 2021-01-13 09-40-53.png



Currently we are still blacklisted from Microsoft and most likely remain that way for while longer I need to restart a ticket on this being I was promise with the purchase of this server and hosting plan I would get a clean IP and no blacklisting. Sad to say Microsoft has not let go even with two request from the hosting company. (Personal: This is why I drop Microsoft back in 2004 no longer a Microsoft products user) This will affect all user with hotmail, Live, MSN and other Microsoft product accounts. As for as check any spam database we are not listed on any other spam list or anything just Microsoft on it own doing this directly. We also use a mail bouncer here. If any email leave here and is marked "bounced" or any reason it can't be delivered the email is marked and returned. Now the Mail bouncer will lock your account and force you to file a new email address that is not bouncing or marking spam on our email. If you can't provide a good email them the site will prevent you from logging in. 


SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined MAIL FROM:<mopar1973man@server.mopar1973man.com> SIZE=15541: 550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [xx.xx.xx.xx] weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140). You can also refer your provider to http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors. [AM5EUR03FT032.eop-EUR03.prod.protection.outlook.com]


As you can see I'm clean for email just Microsoft being a PITA... 

Screenshot from 2021-01-20 06-18-42.png




This is a wild change. Ever since November when we switched over to subscription based and free to read. The traffic has been grow quickly. We are seeing upwards above 2,700 people per day, better than 16,000 people per week, then over 56,000 per month and still growing fast.




Subscriptions that are active currently. Monthly there is 26 users active, Quarterly has 7 user active, and yearly there is 15 users active. Does sound like much with the pricing difference it has improved the income to the site. The year of 2020 we came out behind about 7,000 behind. This year of 2021 I'm pushing to be more profitable. Shop work is all being processed through the site now. This allows me to just email the invoice to the customer and they can pay the invoice on online using there credit or debit cards. This keeps all the invoices for this customer on the website and allows both myself to look back and see what was done and when as well.


2006 DODGE RAM 3500 - New shop truck, might travel to you for Cummins service!

Now that I've got the title to this truck I'm going to start investing in this truck for a shop truck and install toolbox on the bed. I'm going make this truck tow ready. Why??? I've had several member ask if I would get a plane ticket or come to there place to work on there trucks. At this rate I could batch up jobs in say Oregon and hit like @JAG1 and just camp out in my RV and then do a job for @JAG1 then move on to other members in the area and handle other repairs. This is only example but the request for me to travel to other areas have happened quite a bit. This truck needs a clutch assembly, new injectors (hard starting issues and white smoke), and wastegate control solenoid. Some basic taillight wiring to be fixed. Ditch these over size 33 inch tires and drop the leveling kit in the nose. I'm planning this coming week of having the clutch and getting it installed so I can move the truck to work on it. More to come soon! :burnout2:

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